The Perfect Jerky Seasoning Kit For Your Wild Game Meals

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If you’ve been considering trying wild game as your new go-to protein source, you might already be aware of the benefits that come along with giving it a try. However, there are a few issues that may be holding you back from making the plunge. For example, if you’ve never tried wild game original jerky seasoning kit before and don’t know what to expect, or if you’re concerned about not knowing how to prepare the wild game properly using wild game original jerky seasoning kit, this article will help you!

Step One: Pick A Style

One of the first considerations for making jerky is choosing a flavor. This kit comes with six different flavors, but you can also purchase an additional spice pack to have more options. The mix has everything you need in one package: seasoning, marinade, and instructions on how to make delicious wild game jerky. All this goodness comes in a compact box that is perfect for keeping your spices organized and together. If you’re interested in trying out some new flavors, this is your opportunity! You’ll never be bored again with all the choices. Choose from buffalo, bacon and cheddar, teriyaki, black pepper and sea salt, garlic parmesan, spicy chili lime, or sriracha. 

Step Two: Pick a Meat Type

There are many different types of wild games you can use, but some are more common than others. Some good choices for seasoning include rabbit, squirrel, pheasant, and turkey. If you want to use beef or pork in your jerky, you’ll need to roast it and then cut it into strips before adding the other ingredients. Deer and elk also work well with this recipe as does any other meat that is lean enough for drying. Here’s how to make beef jerky. Slice beef against the grain very thin and place it on a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet. Drizzle olive oil on top of the pieces, sprinkle wild game original Jerky Seasoning Kit on top, add salt and pepper if desired, then bake at 275 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes until done.

Step Three: Add Flavor

This is where the magic happens, and you can really customize your jerky to suit your tastes. There are many different flavorings out there. If you want it to have more of a sweet flavor, try adding brown sugar or honey. The only limit is your imagination! Get creative with flavors and experiment with new combinations to find the perfect mix for your wild game meals. Remember, this is just the base- no matter what combination you decide on, use at least 2 tablespoons of salt per pound of meat as well. After all that work cutting up your wild game and seasoning it so perfectly, be sure not to skimp on the salt!

Step Four: Store and Prepare

If you’re going to be storing your wild game jerky for an extended period of time, it’s important to use a vacuum sealer and purchase a good-quality freezer. Vacuum sealers are great because they keep the product fresh and flavorful without adding any extra ingredients. Make sure that the vacuum sealer is designed for food and not just for sealing envelopes or other materials. If you don’t have access to a vacuum sealer, you can try using aluminum foil or plastic wrap to make sure the meat stays airtight as much as possible. It may take longer for the flavor to develop with this method. You should also store your homemade jerky in an area where it will remain below 40 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent spoilage. You should still consume the meat within 3-6 months to ensure safety.

Final Words

Keep in mind, this seasoning kit is designed for wild game meats, not beef. Deer meat is a good choice because it’s leaner and easier to chew. Elk is also delicious as long as you don’t eat it. Moose can be tough, but the seasoning will help make it more palatable. With venison and elk, you’ll want to cook them low and slow at around 200 degrees Fahrenheit for about 8 hours. You can’t go wrong with the wild game original jerky seasoning kit! You can get it from here.

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