Smartband vs smartwatch – what are the differences? Which one to choose?

Casandra Greer
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Many people nowadays buy smartwatches or smartbands because of their multiple uses. Thanks to them we can much more easily check our heart rate, but also pulse or even sleep rhythm. Such devices have recently replaced our watches, therefore, more and more convince us with modern functions.

What is the difference between smartband and smartwatch?

Smartband is a device that will be useful mainly for athletes and active people. It has functions such as stopwatch or GPS, thanks to which we can precisely check, for example, our cycling route. Smartband allows also for precise counting of steps and measuring pulse during exercise. This is very important, especially for interval training. Many smartbands will also help us to calm down or record our cycle

All this information will be sent automatically to the phone, thanks to the application configured with our band. Our sports scores are also recorded there, which motivates us to work out even more. Smartbands nowadays can also inform us about a meeting, remind us to drink water or breathe evenly. Notifications such as text messages or massenger messages also come to them.

Smartwatch, in turn, has also the ability to measure steps or read notifications, but in addition we can also write to them. Of course, both devices will show us the time or the current weather, but the smartwatch has slightly more functions. You can use it to make a phone call or answer a call

Many smartwatches on the market even allow you to have a conversation without taking out your phone or browse your e-mail. On more advanced watches, it is also possible to check email and account balances.Smartwatches are a bit more advanced, but share some features with smartbands. Both devices have a gas pedal that allows counting steps, as well as a stopwatch, GPS and a bluetooth module, thanks to which it is possible to pair our device with a phone.

When to choose a smartwatch and smartband?

If we care about basic watch functions, that is showing the time, weather, number of steps or heart rate, smartband will be a better choice. It is a bit smaller than a smartwatch, but also its price is very attractive. Many people wanting to have such a gadget, more often decide precisely on smartband, because the prices start from 200 zł. These are water-resistant devices, so a better quality smartband will be able to accompany us even during a visit to the pool

Smartwatch, on the other hand, will be useful for people who are more demanding and moving by car or working in the office. Thanks to it it will be much easier to check e-mail or make a call. It will also be easier to answer a call or read a text message. The price of the devices, however, is quite high and it should be remembered that the smartwatch should be matched to our phone. Often you should choose a smartwatch dedicated to a particular type and model of phone. If we do not have the opportunity to buy a smartwatch matched to the phone due to the price of the device or if we want to change the brand of the phone in the near future, it is better to choose a smartband that will connect to any phone with the help of an application and that has Android in it. Smartband is also recommended for active people who care about such functions as measuring heart rate or counting steps.

What functions should have a good smartband?

A good quality smartband should have features such as:

  • step measurement,
  • heart rate monitor.
  • GPS,
  • bluethoot,
  • cycle recording capability,
  • phone notifications,
  • sleep rhythm meter.

In addition, a very important feature of such a device is water resistance and resistance to scratching or crushing. We can also after some time change the strap for a metal or silicone one. Many devices also have the possibility of sticking a special protective glass, which will further strengthen the case and display.

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