Coronavirus changed homes and apartments of Poles

Casandra Greer
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The coronavirus has changed our perception of leisure activities. Thanks to it, our priorities have changed, as well as the look of our houses and apartments. We care more about having our own garden or swimming pool.

The coronavirus changed a lot in our everyday life. The most significant was the quarantine, which made us stay at home much longer. Because of this, many people wanted to change their apartment and home a bit to make it a nicer place to hang out

By working remotely, many people have decided to make room for a desk and a quieter place to work. To occupy themselves with free time, many Poles have set up small gardens on their terraces and balconies, where they have their own vegetables and fruits. There is also a greater demand for lounge furniture and more comfortable armchairs. Many people have replaced their televisions with bigger ones because cinemas were closed down during the pandemic. More and more homeowners have opted for the installation of racked pools and other gadgets that allow for more active leisure activities in the home and garden

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