How often should I wash my bedding?

Casandra Greer
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Too infrequent change of bedding is not only unsightly and bad for us, but also bad for our health. Should you wash them once a week, a month or maybe less frequently? We suggest

Why many of us do not like to change our bedding?

Motivations are always individual, but most often it is due to laziness. It is not enough just to take the bedclothes off. It is necessary to wash, hang up and dry them. Many of us from early childhood have an almost instinctive aversion to dressing comforters and pillows with bedclothes. Could it be a remnant of childhood precepts? Very possibly

At what intervals do we change our bedding?

Bedding should be changed once every two weeks. The sheets should be changed even more often – once a week. These are rules that allergy sufferers in particular have to follow. The fact that the bed linen may look fresh even after two weeks should not be a cause for concern – in this case the greatest dangers are invisible

What should make us change our bedding regularly?

Generally speaking, it’s out of concern for our health. It’s not only the aforementioned allergy sufferers who may suffer health problems due to the lack of hygiene connected with infrequent changes ofbed linen. Unclean bedding contains bacteria, epidermis, sweat and other secretions that should be avoided. Among other things, this can lead to asthma or skin diseases

When should we change our bedding more often?

When we’re sick, we should change our bedding more often because it’s full of germs and dead skin that can make our health worse. If you suffer from acne or hyperhidrosis, change your bedding as often as possible.

Not only bedding has to be clean

If you change your bedding as often as possible, don’t forget about your mattress. In this case it is much more difficult. It is not possible to wash it or change it frequently. A homely way to deal with this problem is to refresh it with baking soda. It is this substance that deals well with harmful microorganisms for our body.

Do not forget about towels

If you regularly wash your bedding, then do not forget about the towels, on which a lot of bacteria accumulate. It is assumed that the ideal solution is to change them every day. Unfortunately, an average Pole needs from 5 days to a week to make such a decision. It is especially important to change the towel that we use to wipe our face and hands frequently. Bath towel can be washed a little less often.

At what temperature should I wash my bedding?

It is generally accepted that bed linen should be washed at 40-60 degrees. If you have any doubts in what temperature to wash your bedclothes, please check the care label, where you can find all information concerning washing and drying. Use mild detergents, which do not irritate your skin

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