A beautiful garden – what will make it possible?

Casandra Greer
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Beautiful garden and well-kept space is the true showcase of every home. But how to arrange it to delight everyone around? We suggest what you can do to make your garden and the entire space around the house look beautiful.

Plants in the garden

The basic element of any garden design is, of course, the plants. But which plants should you choose to make your garden look beautiful? First of all, choose flowers. It is thanks to them that the garden will gain charm and a unique character. When it comes to annual flowers you can choose between wild marsh flowers, sunflowers, nasturtiums and marigolds. If you are looking for large, lush plants then roses in various shades and hydrangeas are a good idea. Be sure to also consider planting fruit trees which will not only be a beautiful decoration for your garden but will also give you delicious fruit. If you want a bit of shade in your garden, conifers will do just fine. California firs and white spruces look (and smell!) beautiful and can be used as part of a hedge.

Remember, too, that garden plants need proper care to look beautiful and impressive. First of all, try to find a good place to plant specific species. Find out what kind of sunlight and soil particular flowers and other plants like. It is also a good idea to fertilize your plants, for example using the fertilizer available at https://arkop.pl/nawozy/chelaty-edta-dtpa-eddha-eddhsa-hga/. And don’t forget how important it is to apply fertiliser regularly and in the right quantities – if you use too much at one time it will harm your plants

Watering is also crucial for plant growth. The most appropriate time to water is at dawn or dusk. It is important never to water plants when their leaves are hot from the intense sun, as this can burn the leaves and flowers by evaporating water droplets from the plant too quickly

Garden grass

When arranging your garden, don’t forget about the grass either. Although it is often unnoticeable, it forms the backdrop to the entire garden. So it is very important to choose a species of grass that is lush and green. In the Polish climate, grass mixtures work best. With this combination of several types, your lawn will be thick and lush green for a very long time. But which grasses work best in such a mix? First of all, red fescue, which is a drought-tolerant basic grass, meadow grass which is ideal for sunny gardens, fast-growing and hardy perennial ryegrass and aesthetically pleasing bentgrass. The grass is an important part of your garden and should be looked after with the same care as other plants. So remember to mow regularly, scarify, aerate and of course water.

Decorations for the garden

The garden should also not lack other decorations and accessories, which you can find at https://garden-and-home.pl/. It’s worth ensuring that beautiful pots appear in the garden, which will give it many aesthetic qualities. Another decoration, which will look beautiful (especially in the evening), will also be lanterns and solar garden. Take care also of the aesthetic space for relaxation. This can include comfortable deck chairs, garden furniture and a hammock.

Main photo: MIO ITO/unsplash.com

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