Electric bike – is it worth it?

Casandra Greer
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There is no denying that an electric bicycle is a relatively large expense, but the number of devotees of this type of bikes, who from the moment of buying an “electric” assure that they will not change it for any other means of locomotion, is systematically increasing.

Is electric bicycle profitable?

With a clear conscience we can say that yes. Bicycle is an excellent means of locomotion, especially in big cities. It allows you to quickly move around the urban space, but not only. Electric models, thanks to the built-in motor, “assist” the driver, so that the ride is not so tiring, and thus we do not sweat too much, going to work. You don’ t have to stand in traffic jams or worry about a parking space, the prices of which can be quite staggering. De facto it will save a lot of time every day and is good for our health. Cycling is a solid dose of endorphins every day, which can replace your daily workout. What’s more, it is really a great relief for the environment. Manufacturers ensure that electric bikes are 13 times more environmentally friendly than cars. In addition, after calculating the costs that we would spend on fuel and parking, buying an e-bike will quickly pay for itself. We should also not forget about the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature from the saddle of a bike, which will not provide us with a car

Photo by Trac Vu from Unsplash.com
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