Gadgets and accessories for the aquarium

Casandra Greer
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An aquarium is a beautiful decoration for any room, and aquarium hobby is a wonderful and graceful, but terribly addictive hobby. Almost everyone as a child dreamed of having fish in an aquarium. Some go on to fulfill those dreams in adulthood, others want to right their youthful mistakes, and while they won’t bring the goldfish from the two-liter ball back to life, they now want to ensure a long and dignified life for its successors. Whatever your motivation, to start your aquarium adventure, an aquarium alone is not enough. See which accessories and gadgets you need for taking care of your fish

Essential aquarium equipment

In addition to the glass itself, a filter and a heater are essential for setting up an aquarium. The filter must be matched to the aquarium size and type of fish you keep. If the fish prefer more constant water and only slight movement of the surface, the Pat Mini filter from Aquael is an ideal choice for smaller tanks. It has a capacity of up to 120 liters, but for aquaria below that size it will also work well. For larger aquariums, the Aquael Turbo series filters will be a better choice, but they create quite a strong current. If your large glass is home to fish that like standing water, go for a cascade filter, which will be much gentler

Another essential part of any aquarium is the heater. It ensures proper water temperature, and warm water is a requirement of most aquarium fish species. The power of the heater must also be matched to the tank liter. It is very easy to calculate, namely: minimum 1 W per 1 aquarium volume. That is, a 30 liter tank requires at least a 30 watt heater, and a 150 liter tank requires a 150 watt heater. It is advisable for the heater to be equipped with a thermostat so that it can maintain a constant water temperature without your interference

In online store you can buy aquarium sets with filters and heaters matched to the tank size. It is a very convenient solution especially for beginner aquarists. Such a set is also cheaper than compiling the whole set from separate elements

Aquarium cleaning accessories

Many things are not required for cleaning in an aquarium. Besides a bucket for draining the water, you will certainly need a demulsifier that not only allows you to easily pour off part of the dirty water from the aquarium but also cleans the bottom from fecal matter and food residues. A magnetic cleaner is also useful for cleaning algae and scale off the aquarium walls without having to put your hand into the water

Aquarium lamp

An aquarium is prettiest and healthiest for fish if it has live plants in it. They are not expensive or difficult to grow. In fact, all they need is light. If you want the vegetation in the tank to be dense and the fish active and beautifully colored, it is essential to buy a good lamp. Most aquarists opt for led lighting because it is the cheapest and effective. In large aquariums it also happens that fluorescent tubes are installed in the cover. Ready-made aquarium sets from Aquaela already include lamps or covers with a thread for a bulb that will illuminate the tank and stimulate plant growth

Aquarium hobby is a very satisfying hobby that can provide a lot of fun and entertainment. A well-kept aquarium is also a great decoration for a living room or bedroom. Although the very beginnings can be quite expensive, maintaining an aquarium is really cheap, and extremely impressive.


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