5 simple tricks your dog will learn in a flash!

Casandra Greer
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Teaching your pet various tricks is not only great fun, but also a great opportunity to stimulate his intellectual development. See what you can quickly teach your dog.

Dog training deepens the bond between your pet and its handler. It is also a way to actively spend free time. Learning to perform tricks makes your dog develop its concentration and obedience skills. It is worth remembering that the whole process must be adjusted to the individual abilities of your pet

5 easy commands for your dog

Tricks performed by a dog are a way to train many skills, so it is worth adding elements of learning to everyday play with your pet. Here are 5 easy commands that you can teach your beloved dog!

  1. Spin

This is one of the easier tricks. Guide the treat in front of your dog’s nose, but in such a way that he cannot eat it directly. Point your hand in the direction of the tail, so that your pet makes a turn, while clearly saying the command. After each correctly executed circle, you can reward your dog with the promised treat. After a few repetitions, check if your dog completes the turn on its own without any additional hand movement

  1. Hello!

An alternative command is also “give paw”. This is one of the simpler tricks to teach your dog. After the pet sits down, the guardian should take his paw in his hand, saying “hello”. If the pet does not wriggle, it should be rewarded with a favorite treat. The command should be repeated several times. Then gradually change the order of actions – first say “hello” and wait for the dog’s reaction. If after a few seconds he doesn’t give his paw, you should repeat the command and take your pet’s paw in your hand. With regular practice, the pet should quickly master this skill.

  1. High-five

Learning to high-five is definitely easier when your dog can already give a paw. Extend your hand to your pet, but place it slightly higher than the standard “hello” command. Slowly show your dog the inside of your hand so he can just touch it with his paw. At the same time, say “high-five!” Of course, each time we reward the pet with a treat

  1. Nose

While holding the treat in your hand, raise your hand high up to make your dog want to reach for his favorite crunch. He should jump up to get it. After a while, you can try reaching your hand up, and reward your pet with the treat only after he touches his nose to your handler’s hand

  1. Crawl

If the dog can already lie down, an extension of this command can be to crawl on the owner’s command. The caregiver, holding a treat for the pet in a clenched hand, should run his hand along the floor to make the dog crawl toward the treat. Start with short distances and then gradually increase the distance. It may happen that the dog gets impatient and runs up to its handler. Then it is worth starting all over again or taking a break from learning.

How to train a dog – what should you remember?

The key to success when teaching your dog commands is persistence and patience. The carer should choose the right tricks and divide the activity into smaller, simpler stages. For example, if you want to teach your pet to give a paw, you should first take the dog’s paw by yourself, saying the command out loud. Only after a few repetitions, you can expect your dog to understand what to do after hearing a specific call

It is also worth remembering to adjust the tricks to the dog’s individual abilities. A puppy will react in a different way and an adult dog will behave in a completely different way.

The guardian, knowing the temperament of his four-legged friend, should assess whether the dog will learn faster to roll meekly when called or to fetch. You should not tire the dog, because learning to perform tricks is very engaging for the animal. Definitely better results can be expected if we repeat a given command regularly every day. Such training should not exceed 15 minutes at a time.

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