What is the pomodoro technique at work?

Casandra Greer
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The pomodoro technique is an extremely useful tool that is perfect for your work. What’s more, it is extremely simple to apply. People who have used it are surprised at how easy it is to eliminate distractions and be more effective in their daily duties.

What is pomodoro?

The pomodoro method was invented by an Italian – Francesco Cirillo. The technique takes its name from the famous tomato-shaped kitchen timer. It is an extremely simple technique, which is easy to implement. Its aim is to fully concentrate on a given task for 25 minutes. What is most important about it? While performing the duty, you must not be distracted, not even for a minute. All you need to apply it is a timer that measures the time and your list of duties. Then, after 25 minutes have passed, you have a moment of free time

How to apply the pomodoro technique?

If you want to put this simple technique into practice, to start, you need to identify your to-do list for the day, grab a pen and set a timer

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How to properly make a to-do list?

Tasks should be measurable and realistic to complete throughout the day. Such a list can be created on a piece of paper, where you can tick off completed tasks on an ongoing basis. You can also download a phone or computer application that will help you plan your day. Remember to prioritize your list. Divide responsibilities into priority, important and less important. Start your day with the tasks that are at the top of your list.

How to complete tasks correctly?

Once you have created your to-do list, you will need a timer. Set it so that it measures 25 minutes. It should beep when the time is up. During the 25 minutes, focus completely on the task at hand. If you can, change your space. Sit at your desk, eliminate distractions. You can close the door to your office, close the windows. If you are disturbed by books or colorful magazines, remove them from sight. Remember to put your phone away

You cannot answer emails or reply to messages during this time. If you complete one task in less than 25 minutes, start another. Remember to mark each completed item on the list with a symbol, such as a cross. After 25 minutes, when your timer rings, take a 5-minute break. More importantly, it cannot be work-related. During this time, stare out the window, go to the restroom, or make yourself a cup of coffee. After four such cycles, take a longer break. During this time, you can browse social media, listen to music or cook a meal. Each such break is a reward for the brain, use it to your heart’s content. After several days with the pomodoro technique, you will notice a paradox – the more you rest, the more you work. Tasks get done faster, and you are less frustrated and more rested

Basic principles in pomodoro

As with any motivational technique, there are certain rules. Don’t forget that pomodoro is indivisible. This means that you take a break evenly after 25 minutes, not every 5 minutes. You cannot get distracted or use your phone during this time. If your task requires more than 7 pomodoro, take a break between them and divide your work into smaller parts. On the other hand, if your task takes less time than one pomodoro, add another, even smaller one to it. It is important to use the 25-minute block fully, otherwise the technique will not be effective. Remember that each subsequent pomodoro will go better

The advantages of using the pomodoro technique

The pomodoro technique is full of advantages, which is why it has become so popular all over the world. First of all, it is an effective motivation method. Every time you tick off a new task on your list, you are happy and motivated to do more. Moreover, thanks to this method it is easy to learn discipline and self-denial. For 25 minutes the brain works without distractions, so its efficiency is at a high level. In addition, every now and then it has a short break. This allows you to clear your thoughts, take a short rest and get rid of fatigue. This allows you to work through the next pomodoro in total focus

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