7 things you need to take with you when you travel

Casandra Greer
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When we set out on a trip, we take a lot of things with us, and we often forget the most basic ones. Thanks to the following article you will find out what you should remember

Passport and other documents

We all know that without basic documents it is better not to set off on a trip, especially if we have to cross a border. However, sometimes we pay less attention to the things that matter most because we are convinced that we will definitely not forget it. In addition to the passport we have, we should also carry a copy of it, as well as two photos. If we lose the document, we can make a new one.

In addition, hotels in some countries, for example in Russia, keep your passport at the reception until you check out, so you need to have a copy with you. Keep these documents in a safe place as they are often targeted by thieves.

Collapsible water bottle

An interesting and handy innovation. Plastic pollution is huge, and one of the main culprits is water bottles. We all use them – even several a day. In the oceans, “plastic islands” are the size of cities, and we constantly find dead or seriously injured animals due to ingestion or entanglement in plastic

Stop using disposable bottles and buy a collapsible water bottle. Not only are you protecting the environment, but you’re also saving money. It’s much cheaper to buy once than to buy plastic, disposable bottles every day

Cash and cards

No matter where you go, you should make sure you have good financial provision for unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes we are surprised if we have to pay for some extra service, such as a residence tax. And sometimes it may happen that we are forced to buy something new. It is often the case that we simply forget about this most important thing, and sending money abroad is an additional expense. Take with you a credit or debit card that is used around the world, rather than a local one. Also ask about currencies and where is the best place to exchange them so you don’t get scammed.

Portable Router

Internet connections are always lost when traveling, but one thing is for sure: a wired connection is reliable. This is especially true in hotels. Packing a router may seem like overkill, but they’re so small that it’s worth taking them with you if you want to stay connected to the world

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Don’t overdo it with cosmetics!

If you’re not planning a trip to a desert island, you can buy cosmetics such as hair shampoo and shower gel on the spot. Only take products with you that you really need and know you won’t be able to buy in local stores. This way you will save space in your suitcase

First Aid Kit

Carry only a small bag with the most necessary pills and medicines you may need. No one wants to suffer from an unbearable headache, high fever, upset stomach or other ailments. The same goes for allergy and asthma medications – be sure to take them with you!


Whether you’re traveling with kids or alone, you never know what will happen. Even if it’s a minor thing like a cut, it needs to be disinfected, stitched up, etc. The more the climate and environment in which we live changes on a daily basis, the greater the risk that we will need a doctor. A single check-up abroad is not cheap, and additional interventions or a possible hospital stay can be a serious expense

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