Sugar detox, or how to take care of your health?

Casandra Greer
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Sugar acts like a drug, and a great deal has to do with Mother Nature. Sweet foods used to get people through tougher times, but back then food wasn’t widely available. Now, store shelves are overflowing with candy bars, candies and chocolates

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to give it up, but if we put on a sugar detox, with time we will notice only positive changes in our body. Below is a handful of tips on how to effectively detox your body

Prepare yourself to give up sugar

At first, prepare yourself mentally to give up sugar. You’ll get there in small steps, and your body needs time to adapt to your new lifestyle. To start

  • limit the sweet taste. Don’t switch to sweeteners; if you need to sweeten something, add honey, agave syrup or maple syrup to a drink or dish;
  • don’t drink sugary drinks between meals. Don’t sip Pepsi or juice. Switch to carbonated water or water with lemon;
  • if you want a candy bar, have an apple or banana. Or substitute unhealthy snacks such as oatmeal cookies or unsalted popcorn;
  • spice up your meals. They then have a much more pronounced taste. We are talking about chili peppers, ginger, turmeric or vanilla. These will give a sweet flavor to your dishes, rather than adding a gram of empty calories to them;
  • plan your meals and stick to a prepared list. Healthy, nutritious meals offset cravings for sweet additives in your diet

Control your sugar intake

Your body will experience a shock in the first few days of a sugar-free diet. Your taste buds won’t be able to get used to your new habits, but that’s okay. It is important to persevere in your resolution. Unfortunately, giving up sugar may result in irritability and headaches, but all will pass with time. The next step is to control the sugar you consume. First of all, remember to read labels. Even cured meat can contain a lot of sweet additives. Also take care of your diet

Make sure it is full of vegetables, fish and complete protein from chicken, turkey, soy or lentils. You can also try to give up carbohydrates. We are talking about white rice, bread or potatoes. Instead, oatmeal and whole-grain pasta are desirable. You can also introduce light exercise into your daily schedule

Persevere with your resolution

As mentioned earlier, quitting sugar can be a not-so-pleasant experience. The following days of detox can be less and less enjoyable. It is during this period that resolutions are most often broken. Here are ways to help you stick with it

  • reduce stress – try to reduce the amount of stress present in your life. Regularly do breathing exercises, meditate or take up plants, it is very relaxing!
  • ensure that you get an adequate amount of sleep. Tired people need a lot of energy and thus are prone to eating high calorie snacks;
  • do not buy or keep sweets at home. There is a risk that you may even reach for them out of boredom

Get used to your new lifestyle

This is the last part of the sugar detox. Our body should cleanse itself 10-14 days after starting the treatment. It is recommended to fix the habits you have established. Slowly you can allow yourself to sweeten your tea with honey or drink sodas. We recommend full-flavored juices, and sodas only in sugar-free versions. In addition, by eating sweets and even fruits, you will feel with multiplied force how sweet they are

Sugar detox – effects

After a series of unpleasant sensations associated with the withdrawal of sugar, you will see many positive changes. Maybe just the future effects will motivate you to give up sweet snacks? Let’s see. A sugar detox will help you

  • increase your energy first thing in the morning (although at first you will experience headaches and even insomnia),
  • improve your dental health,
  • balance your blood insulin levels,
  • slim your figure,
  • get rid of pimples and blemishes on your face and back,
  • eliminate sudden drops in energy

Remember that a sugar detox is not a weight loss diet. The amount of calories provided should be constant or tailored to your needs and lifestyle. The purpose of quitting sugar is to improve the functioning of your body and cleanse it of toxins

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