How to protect yourself from theft while traveling?

Casandra Greer
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Traveling involves taking valuable luggage with you. We usually fear for them when visiting unfamiliar streets. We show you how to take care of your gear to minimize the risk of theft.

Prepare the most important data

Before you arrive at your destination, try to get to know the area. Plan your walking routes so that you don’t push between masses of tourists during the day, and avoid dark streets in the evenings. In addition, ask locals or guides which neighborhoods are best avoided for safety reasons.

Before setting out, write down the most important addresses and phones in a small notebook that can easily fit into any pocket. Write down in it the details of the lost and found offices, the consulate, the bank and the local police department. This will protect you in case of theft and enable you to intervene as soon as possible. You will block payment cards and notify the authorities of the situation. If necessary, the consul will provide you with a consular loan.

Be vigilant

Public transportation is usually crowded, making it easy to lose vigilance. Try to keep your luggage in sight at all times. If possible, keep it close to you to prevent pickpockets from undoing your locks and pulling out valuables. During a long, tedious train trip, it’s easy to squint and lose vigilance.

Unlock your valuables

Keep your most valuable items in separate lockers. These can be small, zippered pouches and inside pockets. Ideally, they should be made of sturdy material that is impervious to light. Store your money in different places so you don’t lose it all at once. In addition, never expose your wallet or expensive equipment. Minimize the risk of theft by hiding your belongings in zippered bags and backpacks. However, don’t hang them in easily accessible places. It’s best to carry them with you or at least keep them in sight. Keep your passport and visa on your phone electronically and printed in your luggage.

Get the gadgets

A great idea to secure your luggage is to install additional security devices. These can include padlocks or combination straps. Heavily squeezed and strapped luggage will be difficult prey. Another option is also to buy a backpack with steel cables woven into it, which will make it even more difficult to get at its contents. All kinds of locators are also recommended. You can put them in your most valuable suitcases and check their location on a map at any time, using an app.

Buy insurance

Before you leave, you may want to make sure that your insurance covers compensation for stolen luggage. Keep in mind, however, that most policies contain several key exclusions. Above all, you must take care that your luggage is not left unattended, as theft without burglary is often not considered. Also, don’t forget to handle your suitcases gently. This is because insurance usually does not cover minor damage.

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