How to make a candle from leftover old candles?

Casandra Greer
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A candle made from leftover old candles is not only an idea to reuse used materials. You can also create in this way in the climate of DIY something interesting and creative to spend time. Additionally, such a candle made from leftovers can smell beautiful. Here are some ideas.

Candle from leftovers or new life for used things

Theoretically, unburnt candle remnants, as long as they have a wick, can be used again. In practice, a dinner eaten with such crooked and out of shape butts is not likely to be the peak of dreams. There are several ways to melt an old candle and create something completely new from it.

What do you need to make a candle?

First of all, you need stearin, which you can get from the leftovers of old candles. Nowadays, this product can be purchased in quantities of up to one kilogramme in online stores. There are also ready-made candle making kits available, but does it make sense to buy them when you have the right ingredients at hand and can use them in the spirit of recycling? Of course not.

What we need are strings that act as wicks. It is good that they are made of cotton. This way they will burn better. You should also choose a jar that will prevent the whole thing from flowing out – the candle will last longer

How can I make a candle of my own color?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to dye stearin at home. If you want to get the right color for your DIY candle, you have to choose the leftovers of an old candle of the same color

Getting the stearin to make a new candle

Dissolving the material from old candles is nothing difficult, but it is important to remember a few rules that will make our work fruitful and safe. We should not melt the remnants directly on the stove, because the resulting fumes can catch fire. A better choice would be to heat them in a water bath and melt them slowly. The pot should be filled halfway and a bowl with old candle remnants should be placed inside

Mould for making a candle

The candlemass will have the shape you choose when you make your candle. It will be a jar, which if properly decorated at the last stage of work on the DIY candle will work quite well and will look aesthetically pleasing. The second way is to pour the mixture into a disposable cup

In practice, we can choose those made of plastic or cardboard. The latter will be better because they are not prone to deformation under the influence of temperature – heated wax can have a bad effect on plastic. After hardening, you need to remove the cover with a knife. Choosing a jar has the advantage that you can leave the candle inside. This will allow the candle to burn longer.

How to create a scented candle?

The real art will be not only melting the leftovers into a new candle, but creating a completely new and interesting product out of it. A scented candle is a good idea. Despite appearances, it is neither expensive nor particularly difficult. How to do it? The first step is to stock up on essential oil

On the Internet we can find very different scents that may be of interest to us. You don’t have to buy a large pack – just a few drops added to the mass created from the melted down remains of candles. We can also add cinnamon or vanilla flavoring to the candle

Time for the finished DIY candle

Pouring the liquid mixture over the vertically held wick does not end the whole process of making a DIY candle. It can also be decorated, but you will need to wait for the wax to set before doing anything else. This will require patience – about 12 hours.

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