The King of Wines: Everything You Need to Know About Barbaresco

Casandra Greer
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If you love wine, chances are you’ve already heard of Bordeaux and how it’s viewed as one of the best wine-making regions in the world. But did you know that while Bordeaux has long been regarded as the king of wines, there’s another region with a similar history, soil composition, and winemaking process that many experts believe is even better? It is Barbaresco in Northern Italy. 

So, are you looking to buy some Barbaresco? Are you curious about the region and what makes it so special? How do you buy the best piece? What do you need to know about it before you make your purchase? Where to buy Bordeaux Wine? There have been so many questions coming up in your mind after hearing this name. You’ve come to the right place! This guide has everything you need to know about this delicious and highly acclaimed booze.

All About Boozes

There are many types of intoxicants, but the two most common are red and white. Red wine is made from dark-coloured grapes and is typically full-bodied and high in tannins whereas White, on the other hand, is made from palish grapes and is typically lighter in body and lower in alcohol content. Both carmine and white spirits can be dry or sweet, depending on how much sugar has been added during fermentation. So, let’s get to know about the different types of red wines.

Types of Red Wines 

  1. French Bordeaux 

Rich, spicy taste with hints of vanilla, coffee, and tobacco flavours 

  1. Sangiovese 

Dry cherry wine from Italy with a fruity aroma 

  1. Zinfandel 

Dry inebriant with deep plum flavours that may have a peppery finish  

  1. Barbaresco Italy

It is one of the most popular wines. As its name suggests, it comes from the Piedmont region of northwest Italy. This carmine inebriant from Bordeaux, France is known for its rich flavour and smooth finish. The grape used for this is Nebbiolo and it’s made primarily in Barbaresco where terroir affects the flavour profile more than in other regions due to unique soil composition. One thing about this wine is that it needs time for ageing before it reaches its peak–typically 2-4 years after bottling–and bottles should be preserved upright rather than laying down as pressure on the cork can lead to air seeping into the bottle over time.

Reasons to Choose the Best Type

There are many reasons to choose this wine:

  1. It is a red wine from Bordeaux, which is known for its high-quality wines.
  2. It is produced in Italy, which has a long history of producing great boozes. 
  3. It is made from the Nebbiolo grape, which is known for its intense flavour. 
  4. It is aged for at least two years in oak barrels, which gives it a complex flavour. 
  5. Its high alcohol content makes it perfect for special occasions. Sixth, it is relatively affordable. 
  6. As contrasted to the other high-quality drinks, Barbaresco is highly affordable which further makes it among the list of your best wines. 
  7. The best part about it is that it pairs well with food, making it a great choice for dinner parties or other gatherings.

How to Taste a Bottle?

To truly enjoy a bottle of the best booze, you need to know how to taste it. Here are seven steps to follow when tasting this red drink from Bordeaux, France: 

  1. Look at the colour. Is it a deep red or more of light pink?
  2. Smell it. Take a big whiff and see if you can pick out any aromas.
  3. Give it a little swirl. This will help release the aromas.
  4. Take a small sip and let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.
  5. Pay attention to the taste and see if you can identify any flavours.
  6. Notice how it feels in your mouth. Does it have a thick texture or is it thin? Does it have an acidic taste or does the acidity feel like a zing on your tongue? 
  7. Finally, take another small sip and see if anything changes about the flavour profile. 

Barbaresco has a long history in Italy and is produced in only four regions: Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, and Liguria. The best producers of Barbaresco wines tend to be found within these four regions so check with a local store or restaurant before purchasing online.

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