3 things you need to know about exercise bands

Casandra Greer
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Do you want to diversify your workouts? Exercise bands are a great accessory that you can use at the gym, during fitness or just pulling yourself up on a bar. See what you need to know about exercise bands.

Resistance bands vs. mini bands

In the market you will find wide resistance bands that are quite wide and durable. With them, you will be able to perform exercises that will help you lose weight and firm up your physique. They are usually not too long and have bright shades. Mini bands, on the other hand, are a little thinner and longer and have a smaller range of resistance. They are great for lower body exercises.

Often, the nomenclature in sports accessory stores for these products is used interchangeably, so pay attention to what resistance the exercise rubber has. If it has a range of 5-11 kilograms, it means that the minimum you can count on resistance from the first value, and the maximum from the second.

Pay attention to the color

If you are buying a set of three rubbers, the color matters. It shows which material has the least and which has the most resistance. This allows you to exercise comfortably and swap rubber bands during your workout.

Exercise rubber is a good companion

The purpose of an exercise rubber is to make your workout easier. It will be perfect at times when you are learning a new movement. An exercise rubber will help you perform it correctly. It also often helps you perform a movement more smoothly and enjoyably.

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