What to pack for a trip to the mountains?

Casandra Greer
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What to pack for a trip to the mountains?

Before going to the mountains, you should think carefully about the contents of your luggage. It all depends on whether you are going for a trip in summer or winter. We give you a short guide what to pack for your trip to the mountains

How to plan a trip to the mountains?

The route and number of necessary accessories depends on the season. People who will travel by bus should pack differently than those who have their own car. However, there are a few things that are essential for a mountain trip and we’ll focus on them today!

The most important point – the route plan

How to plan a route? This is a question asked by all those who start their adventure with mountains. Before the final determination of the route, you need to honestly assess your form. It is easy to overestimate your abilities and mountains are not the same as mountains. The Tatra Mountains are a high range, so it is worth choosing them while being in top physical shape. The Pieniny and Beskidy Mountains are a lot of fun to start with. They are much milder mountains, and their approaches are less steep. Are they uglier than the Tatras? Of course not!

Each mountain trail has its own magic. Before setting off, remember to take a paper hiking map. It’s also worth using an application in your phone, which will precisely calculate the time needed to cover the route and, if necessary, will correct the route for an easier one.

Mountain trip – essential accessories

If it is a one-day trip, it is worth to pack at the beginning what is really necessary. It’s not worth spending money on things that might go to waste later. Unfortunately, the thing with mountains is that you either love them or hate them, it’s hard to be neutral about them

What should you pack?

For beginners we recommend low ranges such as Pieniny or Beskidy. At higher altitudes it is difficult to move in winter and you need much more skills than in summer. Here are the necessary things to pack for a trip to the mountains

  1. Abackpack – preferably a mountain type, with a frame and a buckle on the chest. Then the weight is distributed over the whole body, and things in the backpack do not weigh so much. It is worth to pack a rain cover
  2. First aid kit – you must have bandages, plasters, disinfectant, and painkillers
  3. Trekking shoes – above all, they must be comfortable and have the right size. They can’t cause abrasion and your leg can’t sweat in them. For lower mountain ranges lighter boots are recommended, for higher ones it is worth to invest and buy the ones that can withstand heavy weather conditions. They must provide insulation against cold, moisture and snow
  4. Spiked boot overlays – this accessory is for walking on easy mountain trails and icy roads. They make your foot stick to the surface and reduce the risk of falling.
  5. Comfortable and warm clothing – you should dress “on the bulb”. Warm and waterproof softshell is almost a basis for mountain hiking. Another important issue is warm gloves and socks. Hands and feet must not suffer while traveling. Thermoactive clothing is also a good option, but it costs a lot more and is mostly used by old mountain bikers
  6. Food and warm drinks – sweets, high-energy snacks and a thermos bottle with coffee and tea are essential during winter mountain trips
  7. Crampons – it is always a good idea to take them with you. Temperatures in the mountains are much lower than in other parts of Poland, therefore even low mountain ranges are often heavily iced over

A trip to the mountains in summer is much easier. Shoes should be lighter and your foot should be able to breathe. It is worth equipping yourself with a baseball cap to protect you from the sun. Hot drinks should be changed for cold water. During a summer stay in the mountains it is an absolute must. You should also remember about appropriate cosmetics – a cream with UV filter will protect our skin from burns.

We hope that this handful of tips will help you better prepare for your trips to the mountains. We wish you fruitful climbing of the peaks!

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