Crisis in a relationship – how to overcome it?

Casandra Greer
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In every relationship, sooner or later stagnation occurs, which can lead to a damaged relationship. What steps are worth taking to save the relationship from breaking up?

The essence of a relationship is to constantly nurture the bond between you and your partner. This is not an easy task, especially for couples who have been together for many years. However, you should try to fight for a relationship that is important and rewarding, despite temporary difficulties.

What could be a sign of trouble?

The beginnings of a crisis can be easily overlooked, especially when both people are busy and any difficulties in the relationship are considered trivial. Quarrels that may erupt more and more often for no reason or on the same issue, lack of conversation, avoidance of spending time together – all these may be signs that something is wrong in our relationship. If the disappearance of intimate moments is a contributing factor, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at the relationship.

Time for a frank discussion

Problems between partners can arise for a variety of reasons. They do not always have to be related to the incompatibility of characters. Stress caused by the accumulation of work or other professional and financial problems may weaken the relationship both in the spiritual and physical sphere. The result may be a decrease in libido and abandonment of intercourse, which often affects the self-esteem of partners. If you both want intimacy, but problems occur during intercourse, it is worth consulting a sexologist or urologist, who can determine whether, for example, the man needs Viagra or Kamagra for the time being, or whether everything is fine on physiological grounds and psychological issues should be worked on.

If you notice that the relationship in your relationship is cooling down, do not be afraid to ask your partner what could be the reason. He or she may feel ashamed and not want us to worry about their problems. During the conversation, it is important to remain calm and show empathy. Building a relationship should be based on mutual respect and understanding, which cannot be achieved without sincere communication. Inform your partner about your needs and emotions, share your thoughts.

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Working out a compromise

The reason for a relationship crisis may be lack of spending free time together. If you both work a lot, try to find moments in your daily schedule just for you. Work out a routine that will allow you to get away from work or other family responsibilities and focus on your relationship. For example, you might set aside a weekend to spend time with each other the way you like to.

Going to therapy

There are times when trying to fix problems between partners on your own is not productive. Then it is best to go to couples therapy, which may be the only way to save your relationship. The therapist will listen to both of you, assess where the problem is and what you need to work on. This step is especially important and necessary for couples where one party has cheated. Therapy is a good option when you find it difficult to communicate and listen to each other. If this does not improve the quality of your relationship, the best course of action is to break up.

Saving a relationship can take time, so don’t be discouraged if your first attempts don’t work. Fight for your relationship, look for solutions that will allow you to overcome the difficulties. Don’t be afraid to talk openly about what bothers you – this is the only way to show that you care about your relationship.

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