How to make a flowerpot cover?

Casandra Greer
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An unnecessary plastic flowerpot can be easily refurbished. All you have to do is make a protective cover, thanks to which you will give a useless object a new life. It will allow you to display your favorite plants at home or on the balcony or terrace.

DIY: Plant pot cover made of squared timber and mesh

You can easily fit a flowerpot cover into any style of decor, including modern ones. You can add an industrial touch to your contemporary décor by using a protective cover made of squared timber and metal. It will be easy for you to make this decoration. Remember that in case of this protective you need a drainage layer under the ground because using a stand would not look nice.

To make the casing you need 12 squared timbers to form the base of the decoration. You can use pieces of the same size to construct a cube. Prepare the angle brackets that you will use to fix the wooden squares together. Before you start joining the elements, check that the pot of your choice will definitely fit into the casing.

Sand the wooden scantlings and paint them with a wood preservative of your choice. This will protect them from damage and also give them a nice color and preserve the grain. Connect the four scantlings with angle brackets to make a base for the casing. Attach the vertical timber pieces next, also using angle brackets.

Now it’s time to attach the last four scantlings to create the cube shape. The next step is to attach the metal mesh. Do this on the inside of the casing so that the joints with the wood will not be visible when the pot is inserted. Try to keep the netting taut while you’re assembling it. Use flat metal fasteners to attach it. Place the netting only on the walls of the casing. When you’re finished, position the decorative element in any place and place the pot with the plant in it.

A casing made from a lupine – perfect for the patio

You can also give your patio pots a new look. To do this, prepare a strawberry jar which you can turn into a protective cover in just a few moments. Start by cutting off the handle – you can do this using ordinary office scissors. The next step is to rub the material with sandpaper – this will even out the surface and remove splinters. Clean the dust off the bag and start painting. If the decoration is going to be on a terrace, remember to use a wood preservative to protect the wood from moisture. When the shell is dry, place three small plant pots in it and place on a table or outside window sill.

See the easiest ways to make a pot cover

It only takes a few minutes to change the look of your plant pot. You can use waterproof paper in a natural color. This will look great with a large plant, such as the trendy monstera. Cut a circle shape from a large sheet of paper, spread it out on the floor, and place the pot in the middle. Gather the material up and then fold the edges outward. Do this in such a way that the casing is slightly higher than the pot. You can glue letters onto the paper to form a short word.

In no time at all you can also make a flowerpot cover using jute rope and string. Use hot glue to attach the elements. Thanks to the ornament you can cover an unsightly plastic flowerpot. Start by attaching the rope. Apply little glue at a time as it dries quickly. When you have wrapped the whole plant pot, put the end of the rope under the last row of jute. Then, again using hot glue, attach the hooks. Match their color to the other colors used in your home to complete the arrangement.

Don’t have hot glue but want to use jute? Make a casing out of a bag made of this material. Just put the pot in it and then roll the edges of the jute outward. If you want to diversify the look of the piece, tie it with a string, to which the hooks will be attached. Choose models with a circle – you can easily thread the string through it. You can also use lace ribbon instead of string with hooks.

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