What is powder henna?

Casandra Greer
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Eyebrows perform not only a practical function, but also decorative. They form the frame of the eyes and have a significant impact on nonverbal communication. Thanks to them we express our emotions. Recently eyebrow styling has become extremely popular. Hair arranged in the right shape and in the right color add beauty, change the oval of the face and subtract years. To achieve this effect powder henna helps

Henna powder – what is it?

Henna powder is a natural preparation used for dyeing body and hair. It is an alternative to regular henna. Thanks to its completely natural composition it not only beautifies, but also nourishes the skin. It contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals of natural origin, is particularly rich in nourishing vitamin E and rejuvenating vitamin C. The preparation does not have a negative effect on the structure of the hair, on the contrary. After the application of powder henna hair looks healthier and nourished. Please note that the treatment using powdered henna, although safe, may cause an allergic reaction. It is recommended to perform an allergy test 48 hours before the treatment to check whether the preparation does not cause skin irritation

Treatment with the use of powder henna

On the first visit to the beauty salon you should choose and consult the shape and color of your eyebrows with the specialist of your choice. This is important because the later effect may be unsatisfactory. The beauticians have a variety of visions and the fact that they like the shape does not necessarily mean that we will look good in it

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Treatment with powdered henna begins with a thorough washing of the eyebrows and their surroundings with a special shampoo. After thorough cleansing, a scrub is applied to the eyebrows to exfoliate dead skin. The next step is applying a new contour on the eyebrows and securing it with a special paste that protects against leaking the preparation out of the designated place. Henna powder comes in many colors and shades

There is a wide choice of colors, so you should choose the right one for your complexion and hair color. The preparation is applied to the hair with a special brush and then left to dry for 15-20 minutes. A professional stylist can shade the eyebrows, lighten them or create an ombre look which is very trendy nowadays. After the henna dries, it is removed from the hair with a remover. Finally, the shape of the eyebrows is adjusted with tweezers, wax or sugar paste

The first stage of the procedure is extremely important, namely thorough washing of the places where powdered henna will be applied. The color is more easily absorbed and lasts longer on completely cleaned areas. On the other hand, greasier skin makes the henna come off faster and absorbs unevenly

How to proceed after the treatment?

The preparation is an active cosmetic that works on our skin for at least 24 hours after application. This time is crucial for the durability of the new hair color. After one day from application, powdered henna usually fades and the effect becomes subdued. After the treatment, your stylist should always give you care advice that will prolong the longevity of the effect. Do not use makeup remover oils or micellar lotions on the first day

Washing your hair is also not recommended due to the strong detergents in shampoos. Avoid UV radiation – sun bathing and tanning beds. The sun can shorten the life of the color and additionally lighten it by one or two tones. Do not go to the pool or sauna during this time. On the other hand, it is worth using an oil designed for eyebrows care. Its regular use can extend the durability of the effect for a few more days

What effects does powder henna give?

Using powder henna brings a number of benefits. The preparation gives the eyebrows a natural color. The hairs are nourished, smoothed, strengthened and thickened. For the first weeks the effect is so strong that there is no need to apply additional makeup on the eyes. Using powder henna also saves time on a daily basis. The effect lasts for several weeks, so the time spent on make-up preparation is also reduced

How long do the effects last?

Henna powder remains on the skin for 14 days after the treatment but the effect is visible on hair even for 6 weeks. If you want to improve the look and condition of your eyebrows this treatment is for you. The price of the powder henna treatment depends on the town. In small towns you will pay about 60 zł for a visit, while in larger ones this amount reaches up to 150 zł. It is not recommended to perform the procedure yourself, especially if you have little knowledge in the field of cosmetology. It is worth to try the powder henna on your skin and see if you like the effect.

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