Cardio workout at home – what exercises to do?

Casandra Greer
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Cardio training can be easily done at home. You don’t need a gym for it, and the results achieved will be almost the same. In this type of training exercises are quite easy, they improve fitness, respiratory capacity and endurance. They also contribute to rapid burning of body fat

Cardio workout – exercise plan

Cardio training means more or less the same as aerobic or endurance exercise. During training, the exercising person should raise his/her heart rate to 80-85% of its maximum value. Its level depends on the age of the exercising person. It is assumed that a younger person can raise his/her heart rate up to 200 beats per second, whereas older people can reach the maximum value of 170-180 beats per second. Of course, the results of beginners are much smaller. Below are the cardio exercises that are recommended to be done at home

  1. Running

It belongs to the group of cardio exercises. It raises heart rate and effectively burns fat tissue. You can easily run at home or buy professional equipment, i.e. a treadmill. It is one of the most frequently practiced sports. Workouts are very easy and the amount of calories sometimes reaches 300 per hour. However, it is important to remember about proper footwear – hard ground can negatively affect our joints

  1. Jumping on a skipping rope

This is another very simple exercise to do at home. You only need to equip yourself with a skipping rope. It does not have to be professional, jumping rope counter in handles will not help us in anything, and burned calories are simply unreliable on this type of equipment. Although the exercises seem easy, it is necessary to warm up before starting them. We are talking especially about wrists and arms, because they are prone to injury. Beginners should gradually increase the level of intensity. The training is recommended to be performed in intervals, e.g. 10 fast and 20 slow jumps. The series may be repeated even a dozen times

  1. Climbing stairs

This exercise seems to be good only for owners of stairs. Nothing more misleading. If you have a treadmill at home, you can turn on the appropriate program which will simulate climbing stairs. A cheaper equivalent of the device is an ordinary stepper. It has a variety of functions, and one of them is a higher load on the pedals

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Beginners should start by slowly and correctly climbing the stairs. The whole foot must be on the step, and the posture should be upright. You don’t pay attention to such things every day, but if walking up the stairs is to be a form of exercise, proper preparation is very important. If the passage of two floors is tiring – stop at the mezzanine and rest, you can walk for a while

With time, your body will get used to the new type of effort. Advanced people are recommended to run up the stairs or walk faster on a treadmill or stepper while taking all the necessary precautions

  1. Crocodiles

Crocodiles are a strenuous exercise that is not a favorite of exercisers. How to do them well? You should stand in a slight straddle, do a deep squat, support yourself with two hands and with one leg jump move to the starting position of a push-up. Then with another jump return to supported squat. You can perform jumping jacks when your body is erect. These exercises are tiring and tax the body. Before performing them, it is recommended to perform an intensive warm-up, especially wrists and legs. Beginners are advised to learn a new exercise slowly, and it is important to maintain good posture. Trained individuals, on the other hand, can repeat the exercise up to 20 times in one minute

  1. Jump squat

This exercise is similar to crocodiles. It is necessary to stand in a slight spread, and then perform a squat. From this position, you need to perform a jumping jack with full straightening of the legs. You need to maintain the proper posture, your back must be straight, your hips should be pushed back slightly, and your knees should be in the same line as your hips. Additionally, the squat should be performed on full feet. Beginners need to warm up, just as they do with crocodiles. To begin with, it is recommended to work on proper posture and then intensity

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