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Casandra Greer
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Bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. It is our haven, where we can calm down after a stormy day. Although it is used for resting, it does not have to be boring at all. Let’s check the most fashionable bedroom arrangements, which may surprise us. The most fashionable bedrooms of this season will surely change our opinion about a typical bedroom.

Bedroom in glamour style

Anyone who has been in contact with high-end hotel rooms will quickly form an opinion about them. There are some people who dream of a bedroom made exactly like five-star hotel rooms. A wide bed with a quilted and soft headrest, a small dressing table with a stool and elegant bedside tables with decorative drawer handles. We will certainly feel prestigious in such a place

The glamour style is characterized by subdued, but very extravagant, deep colors. It is dominated by gray, but also burgundy or bottle green, and everything is decorated with glimmering accessories imitating crystals or gilding. Certainly this style is very impressive, but in its splendor can also be quite minimalistic, if we put only on a few strong accents. These may be pillows with elegant, golden elements, or bedside lamps with decorative lampshades made of crystals. Also the quilting of the bed itself can be very elegant and at the same time decorative. Decorative buttons or interesting shapes placed in it will surely give an elegant character to the room.

Green style bedroom

Minimalism and a return to nature are the most important features of an ecological bedroom . You will not find flashy, plastic ornaments or textile decorations in it. What matters in the ecological style are natural, often recycled materials, minimalist furniture and a return to natural colors. Such interiors envelop us with warmth and peace from the very entrance

Ceramic flower pots instead of ceramic figurines, bed frame made of Euro pallet or recycled wood, linen rugs and bamboo bedside tables may really surprise us. However, ecological style does not have to be deprived of conveniences – pillows with cotton covers, soft, woolen blanket as a bedspread or gentle light from a solar or led lamp can make such bedroom give us a long-awaited peace after a day out.

Modern style bedroom

Modern style bedrooms are back in style and are found in many hotels. You can create this style yourself in your own home. Elegant high-gloss minimalism and very practical solutions are characteristic of a bedroom in this style. The bed frame is finished in high gloss and has very practical storage in it, or such solutions as a pull-out table for a laptop. There are also LED strips mounted on the edge of the frame, which react to movement. Instead of a quilted headrest, also characteristic for the continental style, we have multifunctional shelves with spot lighting

These solutions are both very practical and, above all, allow us to minimize the amount of bedroom furniture. The fewer elements, the better. The bed becomes the focal, and sometimes the only point of the bedroom.

In choosing the perfect bedroom, let us be guided first of all by our needs, and also by the arrangement of the whole house. Matching the bedroom with other rooms makes our house cohesive. A bedroom is also supposed to be a place of rest, so regardless of the style you choose, you should place elements, which will warm it up a bit. It may be for example a soft bedspread, pillows or bedside lamps with a soft light

It is also important to choose an appropriate bed, including a mattress, which is to serve us for a long time. This choice should be crucial because the bed frame and mattress are a choice for many years and it is not worth saving on them. Many people highly value comfort and convenience, so the bed is the most important element of the bedroom and should be properly fitted.

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