How do I teach my dog to potty in the house?

Casandra Greer
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Does our dog poop in the house? There may be many reasons for this. If our pet doesn’t have any health problems (e.g. incontinence, old age), we should use a few tricks to make him stop doing it.

Walks and outings together

Let’s go out with our dog as often as possible. If we know that we won’t be at home for a long time or if our job requires us to spend exorbitant hours away from home, it’s worth asking someone close to us for help. A safe way are also disposable mats, which are always laid out in one place, so that the dog can use them in time of crisis.

Bad habits versus regularity

In principle, a dog that is taught correct habits from puppyhood will be able to withstand his need for a long time until we come back and go out with us, especially if we get him used to fixed times for walks (e.g. before work and after work).

So, the dog’s defecation at home may be caused by bad training – it will use the carpet or other places, because it simply doesn’t know that it is not allowed to do so. Let’s also remember about regularity of walks, so the dog will know how much it has to endure.

Learning from a small age

It’s very important to teach a small dog correct behavior. You can try to teach him to associate the smell of the place designated for settling his physiological needs by various means, e.g. leaving him in a place where there are tiles and other easily washable surfaces and placing a foil or a special disposable mat on them

Some people think it’s a good idea to sprinkle it with soil and grass so that the dog can easily associate the place with the outside area. Remember that the puppy will still be too small to last long without leaving the house, he needs frequent walks. It’s a good idea to get him used to a specific place where he will do his business, e.g. a favorite tree.

And where is the reward?

And when the dog is older and it happens to pee in the house? Then we teach from the very beginning. We go out for a walk, look for a favorite place, show, tell, explain and ask. If the dog does it right, we praise it and reward its behaviour with a treat, if not – we do nothing

We mustn’t punish a dog for something it doesn’t understand, so we don’t shout at it or get angry. Moreover, let’s not deceive ourselves, it will take some time to fix the right behaviour, so be prepared for a lot of patience.

Simple commands

We take the dog to a given place outside and regularly repeat commands such as “go pee” and wait until the dog performs the task. Repetition is the key here. If he does what we want, remember about the reward. This way, the dog will quickly associate the reward with the behavior and perpetuate the process.

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Health and behaviour

Watch your dogs. If a dog has had problems with pottying from the beginning, it will probably be the fault of the owner who didn’t teach him the right behavior. But if there were never any problems, it may turn out that the dog has acquired some kind of disease and a visit to the vet will be necessary. Remember that small and older dogs need to go out more often.

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