How to clean shoes depending on their material?

Casandra Greer
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You should take care of your shoes properly, so that they look like new all the time, straight from the store. Clear rules and proper preparations are enough to keep them in perfect condition. We will tell you how to match them to the specific shoe material

Suede shoes

Shoes made of suede are demanding and you need knowledge not to destroy them while cleaning. This is because you must not get rid of all dirt with water. Some people even give up buying suede shoes because of dirt. However, cleaning such shoes is not impossible. So you should not be discouraged at the very beginning

It is worthwhile to prevent such a problem from arising right away. For this purpose, special preparations for impregnation will come in handy, especially waterproof ones. Use them regularly to get the desired effect. Remember to always dry clean shoes made of suede. This is a very important rule which must not be forgotten. It is the key to success in this case. In addition, it is worth buying special accessories, such as a rubber block or a brush with bumps. You can also use preparations such as foam for cleaning suede and nubuck. This is a dry and colorless preparation, which is very effective. It does not damage shoes and allows to keep their original color

Leather goods

Many people choose to buy leather shoes, because they are sturdy and last for a long time. Also, you should take care of such shoes so that they remain intact all the time. You need to clean them regularly, especially in autumn and winter when they are more susceptible to any dirt. A soft brush will come in handy for this

It is also worth buying a cream for leather goods. It will effectively clean the leather and protect it additionally. Before applying this type of preparation, remove dust and dirt from the surface of your shoes, and then apply the product and polish your shoes thoroughly. Dry pre-cleaning is extremely important for leather goods. Some stains can be cleaned with plain soapy water. Another product worth using is leather colouring lotion. It will help you quickly get rid of minor scratches and dents. It will also eliminate any discoloration and discoloring that often appear on this type of footwear

Lacquered shoes

Lacquered shoes are often made of natural leather. If they are shoes for bigger outings, they should be cleaned after each use. However, it is worth taking special care of them so that they retain their shine. For that purpose, right after the initial cleaning, you should still use products dedicated to patent leather. Then, at the final stage, you should apply shoe polish, which will make them shine. If you don’t happen to have such a product at home, a greasy hand cream can also work. Some people also recommend leather softeners. They will help you avoid cracks, which are more visible on the varnished surface

Athletic shoes

Many people clean athletic shoes by simply throwing them in the washing machine. In many cases, this turns out to be the most effective and easiest way, however, some sneakers may become dislodged. We don’t recommend taking this risk, especially if you care about your shoes because they were expensive. You need to be sure that they are suitable to throw in the washing machine. First, pay attention to the tag, which should have detailed information on how to clean and care for such shoes. It is worth buying a brush and a cloth for sneakers and a special cleaner. You can also use lukewarm water.

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