Desk monitor mount – which one to choose and when is it useful?

Casandra Greer
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A desk is a workspace that is very easy to clutter. If you’re struggling with too little space on your desk, see what a desk monitor holder can remedy the problem!

What is a desk monitor holder?

Often the most space on a desk is taken up by a monitor and its stand. If you want to easily increase the amount of free space and make your desk more comfortable, you can get a special holder, which allows you to fix the monitor to the desk or the wall. This solution is great for your health and can reduce the negative impact of the monitor on your eyesight. This convenience can also improve the final results of the user’s work.

Mounts are divided into categories, determined by the type of adjustment. Usually it is a fixed adjustment, tilt adjustment or the possibility of a complete change of positioning. The fixed category usually includes wall mounts, which do not have any adjustability. Tilt mounts allow you to adjust the tilt of the screen, but the range is -20 to +20 degrees. Fully adjustable mounts guarantee that you can change the height, tilt, and overall positioning.

When is it worth considering a desk mount?

A cluttered desk is a problem for many a busy person who simply doesn’t have the time to get their workspace in order. Even after cleaning, everything usually returns to its original state. Often, changing the location of the monitor on your desk is a great way to keep your things perfectly organized.

It will be much easier to install a monitor holder for your desk than to futilely try to get rid of piles of important documents or devices connected to your computer.

A desk monitor holder usually consists of only a few parts, so attaching it and preparing it for use is not a difficult task. Due to its positioning, the available space on the desk is increased, which is usually occupied by a monitor stand with all the necessary cables. A monitor mount can also solve this problem, as the cables connecting the monitor and computer will be hidden. This is especially valuable if you have multiple monitors.

Benefits of monitor mounts

Growing in popularity, monitor mounts have a number of advantages. The most important positive of desk mounts is the increased space, which will make it easier to organize things and documents on the tabletop.

The adjustable height allows you to place your laptop, keyboard, tablet, or other needed items lower than the monitor. Additionally, the mount gives you the ability to position the monitor vertically and adjust the angle and position to suit your needs.

When using several monitors, a lot of desk space is taken up by cables. A desk monitor holder gets rid of this problem, making your workstation more organized

Many models of monitor holders for desks have a special place for cables so that they are not visible at all. Aesthetics on a desk is not the only benefit of a mount. In addition, it significantly increases the comfort of work, especially if the monitor is often moved or its position is changed.

What to pay attention to when choosing a suitable monitor holder?

One of the capabilities that a desk monitor mount should have is height adjustment. Thanks to it you can very easily adjust the height of the monitor to your liking, which will make using a computer much more comfortable

If you have several monitors, you can usually choose one monitor holder for several screens. The only thing you need to know is the size of the monitor, as each mount is adjusted to a specific size. This determines the size and stability of the mount, so the larger the monitor (or the more of them), the more massive the mount.

It is also worth checking what is the load capacity of a particular mount. If you want to avoid an unpleasant surprise, which could be the destruction of the holder and tearing the whole thing off the desk, you should make sure what weight the chosen model of the device can withstand.

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