How to become an influencer on Instagram?

Casandra Greer
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Talking about being an influencer as a profession is still sometimes surprising, but the emergence of such a profession has become a fact. Additionally, it is prestigious and well-paid. What to do to join this group? A good idea is to try to promote your own content on Instagram.

Why Instagram?

The main argument is the reach of this medium. A billion users log into it every month. In addition, access is free and relatively easy. You can use different channels of influence: text, sound and image in the form of photos and videos

What does an influencer do on Instagram?

First and foremost, an influencer on Instagram can be called a person who has gained a lot of popularity and credibility among his/her followers in the niche he/she has circled. Looking from the marketing side: it is about the ability to build a personal brand. Usually, the adventure with Instagram starts in the classic way, by creating a profile and experimenting with adding new content. More and more often it happens that companies are hired to support personal branding in social media.

What is at stake?

Spending on influencer marketing is a growing item in many companies’ budgets. Especially now, when business is increasingly moving online, there is a tendency to develop cooperation with Instagrammers, who in exchange for certain benefits or contracts advertise a given brand. It’s not always about money – it happens that a person who develops a travel profile on Instagram receives in exchange for advertising, for example, video equipment

How to start?

There are forecasts that in 2020, a total of $8 billion will be spent on influencer marketing in the world and it will be a growing trend. Hence, many people want to find a place for themselves in this dizzying sum. Here are some tips on how to become an influencer on Instagram

Find your place on Instagram

The basic issue is to find your own niche in social media. On the one hand, it is good if it relates to a field in which we are experts or at least have a big idea about it. Then it will be easier for us to develop a high status among observers. On the other hand, it happens that at the beginning we do not have to shine with a huge knowledge or skills, which we quickly learn during the development of the project. It is more important to identify the audience of our content, i.e. find an interesting segment of the market and think about how to reach it.

Determine your strategy

You need a concrete plan calculated for more than two or three posts ahead. It is even recommended to create a schedule for at least six months ahead. Already at this stage, it is good to plan for the future combination of your profile on Instagram with other channels. Such a plan of action must also be subject to modification depending on the effects achieved – so if subsequent content does not meet with an adequate response, you need to think about changes. The strategy should also include a logo, graphic consistency of published content, and even the creation of a unique hashtag

Start with making a good impression

Content should be engaging from the start, because you can’t make a good first impression twice. It’s also a good idea to add your own bio, which will further authenticate you in the eyes of other users

Publish high quality content and be regular

Other users will appreciate your profile faster if it provides them with value. It does not necessarily have to be a hint of some tangible solutions. Sometimes artistically taken photos are enough. It is about high quality content. Regularity is also necessary. It’s best to publish posts at regular times on specific days.

Keep consistency in published content

It is also a good idea to stay within one style in the published content. This will help build your brand and prevent your social media from becoming overly ‘garish’

Engage others in interactions

It’s important to build a community and draw others into interacting around our posts and the topics covered in relation to them. It is also about reaching out with our Instagram to circles, newsgroups and communities on the Internet that can feed the number of people following our profile in the future. The growth of the profile in itself will attract attention. Also, don’t forget that even with criticism, deserved or not, it’s a good idea to remain polite

Interact with others

Crossing 10,000 followers is usually the time when we can fully consider ourselves an influencer on a micro scale. You need to be able to maintain that audience, but also put yourself in a position to grow. Then begins the time of cooperation with brands interested in the field we promote. Often it is also an opportunity to achieve the first measurable benefits. You should not be afraid of such cooperation

Connect your Instagram account with other channels

Of course, it is worth adding other ways of contact to your account on Instagram. Brand building should also take place on the basis of other types of social media. Finally – with a large increase in the number of followers, it is worth switching to a company account, which will facilitate interactions and allow for better analysis of important trends.

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