Pallet bed – step by step

Casandra Greer
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In recent years, it has become extremely popular to create furniture from readily available materials. Making such furniture is very simple and extremely fun. In a few steps we tell you how to make a bed on a pallet

What will we need?

Before we get down to making a bed from pallets, let’s first focus on the materials and tools needed for this project, without which making it will not be possible

We will need

  • wood glue,
  • euro pallets – 8 or 12 pieces,
  • wood stain,
  • protective foil,
  • sandpaper,
  • optional wood paint

When buying glue, pay attention to its setting time. It should also allow for cold gluing. The number of Euro pallets should be adjusted to the size of the mattress. The dimensions of Euro pallets are 120 × 80 centimeters

Building a bed of pallets step by step

Having already collected materials, you can finally move on to the actual work on the bed

Step one – cleaning the pallets

The first step is to carefully smooth and clean the surface of the pallets. Sandpaper and an electric sander will come in handy. Once the pallets have been thoroughly cleaned, wipe them with a damp cloth to collect dust and debris from their surface

Step two – joining the pallets

Many guides skip this step and recommend simply placing the pallets in the desired location without joining them. However, if the pallets are not joined together, they may begin to shift while you sleep and create holes in which the mattress will fall, thus decreasing the comfort of your rest. Therefore, we recommend joining the pallets together using wood glue

On the cleaned surface of the pallets, we apply glue to both one and the other pallet, then join them and leave them to dry according to the instructions on the product package

Step three – impregnating the bed

After joining the pallets with glue, our construction begins to resemble a bed frame. At this point, it is worth thinking about its preservation. Thanks to this, its surface will become smoother, and the structure of the wood will be more exposed. In addition, the paint applied to impregnated wood will last much longer. Preservation of the bed is carried out using stain, applying it evenly over the entire surface of the bed with a brush or roller, while remembering to protect the substrate with a film

Step four – painting the bed

The final step is to paint the bed. When the stain has dried, you can easily proceed to this step. For this purpose, a specialized paint for wood will work, which is available in many colors. This way you can easily match it with the other colors in your bedroom interior

To paint the bed thoroughly, it is advisable to start with smaller areas. How many layers of paint you end up with depends on the effect you want the most

Leave the painted bed for the paint to dry completely and you’re done. You can now set it in the right place, put the mattress on it, and enjoy your handmade furniture. This type of construction is perfect for industrial and rustic interiors

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