Ideas for arranging a bedroom in a block of flats

Casandra Greer
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Living in a small space requires extra thinking and creativity. You need to consider things like smart solutions for storing things, arranging narrow spaces, and determining what to include in your home

When it comes to bedroom design, no matter how big or small it may be, you can easily unleash your personal style and pour it into the look of the room. There are many great examples that will give you a good dose of inspiration you need when shopping and arranging.

Choosing a bed, a key issue

The bed, which is called the king of the bedroom, does not have to be boring or ordinary at all. More and more often, mattresses with the ability to hide in the wall are chosen during interior design. Such a solution makes things much easier if the room is small and we need space for other things. A lot of people decide on foam mattresses, such as those on, regardless of the furniture which is the bed, as they adapt to our figure, making us not wake up feeling sore

Plenty of storage, cupboards and drawers

Get creative with storage compartments, such as in the legs or at the base of the bed. Don’t limit yourself to plastic bins and those for closet storage when there are so many options available, especially decorative items that you can place in plain sight. Try a chest at the end of your bed or a storage bench. You’ll be able to find one that fits perfectly with your decor. Also, find a type that takes up little space. This area can also serve as a place to lay out your clothes for the next day or even put on your shoes.

Lamps and wall sconces

If you’ve been looking for a stylish way to bring more light into a cramped bedroom (without taking up too much space), consider a swivel wall sconce. Not only are they much smaller than most desk and pendant lamps, but these unusual wall sconces come with adjustable arms to provide a more spacious lighting solution. However, if you’re in favor of traditional options and space allows, pendant lamps are the perfect solution. They make the room fully illuminated and also look very tasteful. A wide range of such lamps can be found at

Hanging desk

Who says you need a large bedroom to create your own workspace? A wall-mounted shelf can act as a personal desk and can be installed, as the name suggests, directly on the wall to increase the available space. When you’re done working, its mechanism works similarly to wall retractable beds. Just lift it up so that it adheres to the wall, thus making space.

An interesting solution instead of bedside tables

You might like to consider a set of bedside tables. By placing a couple of them next to your bed instead of a traditional bedside table, you can create more storage space when you need it without having to bring more furniture into your bedroom (by sliding a smaller table out from under a bigger one). Another advantage is that when you fold it up, you have space underneath for a basket or other storage container.

Pull-out sofa

Apart from a more compact bed frame, some versions also have built-in drawers to increase storage space. They can also function as a sofa bed. When it’s folded, it makes a lot of space, allowing you to put a small coffee table on it, making your bedroom into a small living room.

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