How to make a small kitchen into a functional interior?

Casandra Greer
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A small kitchen does not have to be cramped and uncomfortable at all. There are many ways of sensible arrangement which will make even a small interior very functional. We suggest what to do to make a tiny kitchen a comfortable and convenient room

Furniture for a small kitchen

When choosing furniture for a small kitchen, remember that it should not take up too much space. The most convenient in this case will be a kitchen draft. But how to set it up to be as comfortable as possible? If the room is very narrow, opt for a row of cabinets on one side of the room. However, if it has a square or rectangular shape, then set the furniture in an L-shape. Remember, too, that kitchen furniture is a choice for years, so choose high-quality materials that will withstand many years of intensive use, and also resist the harsh conditions, especially high humidity in the room

Also think about how much storage space you need. Interiors where many items are outdoors give the impression of being cluttered, so make sure you have enough cabinets. This way everything will be neatly stored, the room will seem tidy and cooking in such a place will be pure pleasure. To give the interior an interesting character, you can also opt for unusual furniture, such as bar stools, tables on wheels, or hanging cabinets and shelves of original shape


The kitchen fulfills its role mainly thanks to the equipment it has. The most important of these are undoubtedly a refrigerator, a stove and a sink. These three equipment should be so arranged as to form a triangle. This will make moving around the kitchen as comfortable and intuitive as possible. To save some space, choose a corner sink and a cooktop or induction hob. It’s also worth investing in other appliances that are sure to make preparing meals and drinks easier. If you are a fan of coffee, then be sure to choose a coffee maker or a coffee dipper for your kitchen. It will not only decorate your interior but also make your morning more pleasant. Another piece of equipment that won’t take up much space but can be extremely useful is a good blender with interchangeable attachments.

Colors and materials

Colors and materials are extremely important in a small kitchen. Thanks to them you can optically enlarge your interior a bit. In small rooms, the best shades are light, such as white, gray, light browns. However, if you prefer slightly livelier colors, you can decide on single accents in strong colors. This will give the kitchen some character without becoming overwhelming. Also, remember to choose slightly smaller tiles, preferably with a glossy finish. When it comes to material selection, functionality is the most important aspect. In kitchens, the most important feature of a material is that it is easy to keep clean. A good choice would be MDF, stone or wood. However, deciding on furniture made of wood, it is worth remembering to choose solid wood – the untreated, with natural grain looks beautiful and impressive in the kitchen, but cleaning it and pulling crumbs from the crevices can prove to be a challenge.

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