A cosy and functional kitchen – decorating guide

Casandra Greer
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Wondering how to decorate your kitchen to be both functional and cozy? Read our article and you’ll find out what to look for.

The right lighting

Well-chosen lamps will not only serve a practical purpose, but they will also decorate the interior of your kitchen. At https://domodes.pl/oswietlenie/lampy-wiszace you’ll find a wide selection of pendant lamps to suit your kitchen décor. You can choose a unique industrial design or a simple, classic wall lamp, depending on your taste.

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets and drawers are the basis of any kitchen. It’s important that the cabinets are coordinated with each other. Trendy are modern, floor-to-ceiling cabinets. It is worth resigning from decorative elements, betting instead on minimalism. It will ensure harmony in the interior and, consequently, the functionality of the kitchen. Remember that worktops and fronts of kitchen cabinets and drawers should be properly selected so that they form a coherent whole.


They make the kitchen interior gain a unique character. Geometrical patterns or thematic tablecloths, which can be adjusted to occasions, e.g. Christmas, look interesting. Tablecloths with a fruit motif are also a good choice for the kitchen. At https://www.tekstylialand.pl/ you will find a wide range of tablecloths with different patterns and also custom-made tablecloths, but not only. You’ll also find a wide range of curtains and drapes that will make your kitchen cosier.

Divide your kitchen into zones

The main principle of a functional kitchen is to walk, bend and turn as little as possible. Therefore, it is a good idea to divide it into five zones:

  1. stock zone – cabinet for products that do not require refrigeration, refrigerator and freezer. It should be as close to the entrance as possible so you can unpack your groceries without having to walk through the entire kitchen.
  2. storage zone – cabinets for dishes, cutlery and pots. Here you can use wall cabinets, thanks to which you can freely place bowls, glasses, cups and plates. In this zone it is worth betting on drawers with full extension, and resign from shelves in lower cabinets, which will require bending.
  3. washing zone – dishwasher, sink and waste garbage can. The dishwasher is a good option because it saves time. Waste baskets are best placed in a cabinet with a pull-out drawer.
  4. food preparation zone – kitchen island/countertop. Their appropriate height and width are a prerequisite for comfortable cooking. In this zone there should also be a rack with knives, containers with spices and cutting boards.
  5. cooking zone – oven, gas and microwave. A good alternative to classic electric and gas stoves are induction stoves, which allow you to prepare meals in a much shorter time. It is also worth installing a hood over the stove.

The right colors

In addition to well-chosen equipment and furniture, colors are also important, which affect the coziness of the kitchen. That’s why well-balanced colors work well in this interior, such as beige, olive green or sunny yellow. You can paint the walls in one of these colors or choose accessories in these shades. Besides, a cozy kitchen interior goes well with the warmth of wood. When decorating a cozy interior, remember also about the right choice of patterns, such as a floral motif.

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