How to combat menstrual pain?

Casandra Greer
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Many women experience severe menstrual pain that interferes with their daily activities to varying degrees. The pain usually occurs just before or during menstruation and can vary in intensity and recur every few hours. Find out how to relieve the pain, soothe tension in your body and calm your mind.

Consult your gynecologist

Menstrual pain can be a result of our physiology, but it can also be a sign that it’s time to see a doctor. If you are struggling with very painful and persistent pain that does not go away for a long time, as well as heavy periods, it is worth going for a consultation with a specialist. The gynecologist may recommend herbal drug treatment or hormonal contraception to relieve the discomfort. Keep in mind that severe pain may indicate endometriosis.

Prepare yourself

Every woman’s experience of menstruation may be different. If you feel your period is approaching, allow yourself to slow down and take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Treat yourself with respect and create the right environment for yourself to rest. During these days, many women struggle with back pain, vomiting, nausea, and stomach problems that make daily functioning even more difficult. During menstruation, wear loose, comfortable clothing, always carry hygiene products, and drink plenty of water.

Many women recommend a light, omega-3 rich diet in the days leading up to menstruation. Nuts, oils, and fish can be added to your diet. It is also recommended to do more physical exercise before menstruation. If you have an important meeting or trip coming up and you know you may get your period on that day, do everything you can to schedule time to rest and feel comfortable. Don’t take on all your responsibilities and allow yourself that one day a month to not care about productivity.

How to relieve menstrual pain?

Before you reach for painkillers and muscle relaxants, try home remedies that reduce muscle spasms. Drink juice squeezed from ginger root, use warm compresses and relaxing massages.


Do you struggle with painful, prolonged and agonizing menstrual pain? To prevent them, avoid stress that causes your muscles to tense up. Make sure your body is in a calm and relaxed state. Take a warm bath or apply a warm compress to your abdomen. The heat allows the muscles to relax and has a calming effect. Especially recommended is a natural dry cherry kernel heat pack that brings relief to the body, relieves menstrual and muscle pain, and helps with neck stiffness. You can find it here:

It is worth remembering that the human body can produce endorphins, which are our endogenous painkillers. During your period, do things that are fun and relaxing, but not physically demanding or stressful. At the same time, take care of your thermal comfort. Many women relax with a book or their favorite TV show. If you like chocolate, eating it can help you during your period – chocolate releases endorphins, which are natural painkillers.

Get a relaxing massage

Stretching exercises can be a good substitute for pharmacology. If you want to minimize menstrual pain, try relaxation yoga as well as pelvic floor muscle exercises. You can also make an appointment with a urogynecological physiotherapist, who will take a history, select individual therapy, and show you techniques that each patient can do on her own at home.

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