How to pack? Tricks and tips for everyone!

Casandra Greer
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For the past year, the ability to travel has been somewhat limited. I think we’re all waiting for the moment when we can finally resume our travels, without worrying about our health or the health of our loved ones

Perhaps even those for whom packing can be a real nightmare have already longed for it! Here are some useful tricks and tips on how to prepare your travel luggage efficiently

Leave spontaneity for another occasion

Make a list of what you need – when packing at the last minute and in a hurry, it is easy to forget something. None of us would like to get on the train and find out that we forgot our favorite trekking shoes. By planning an inventory of things, it will also be easier to figure out what you actually need for a given trip. If you throw things in a hurry without much thought, you may end up filling your suitcase with unnecessary items that you will not use at all, and which will take up space unnecessarily. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to bring, there are helpful apps like PackKing, PackTeo, PackPoint, or MyLuggage.

Get the right suitcase

Depending on what kind of trip you’re preparing for, choose the right size suitcase or backpack. If you’re going camping, it’s certainly better to pack a travel backpack that you can easily move with whether you’re navigating a train station platform or traversing grassy meadows and forests

If you’re going on a weekend trip to Krakow or a two-day business trip to London, choose a small suitcase with wheels to pack your essentials. If you are going on a longer vacation, of course, it is best to reach for a suitcase with strong wheels, so that you can take all the necessary things and move with such a baggage without too much trouble.

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Cosmetics in a mini version

Instead of packing a half-liter bottle of shampoo and another one of shower gel, opt for handy sets of mini cosmetics bottles and flacons. You can buy them at any drugstore and you won’t have to pay for them, but you can save a lot of space and kilos. These kits also usually have a few containers for creams and foundations, so you can take only what you need for a few days.

Take only the essentials

Sometimes we pack our suitcase with “just in case” items that we won’t use anyway. If, when putting an item in your luggage, you have doubts whether you will actually use it, it is probably a sign not to take it. Especially when it comes to clothing, we tend to pack things that we don’t wear every day with the idea that maybe they will work on vacation. They usually don’t work out, so save space and only take clothes that you know you’ll be happy wearing on your trip.

Photo source: Sarah Brown / Unsplash

Make good use of every space

Start packing with the things that take up the most space and gradually move on to the smaller ones. You can fill the space in between with smaller items so that you can make full use of every space. Roll your clothes – this is a proven method to save a lot of space in your suitcase. Secure items that can get damaged or dirty with other items – like shoes, headphones, chargers, or cosmetics. You can use special cases for this or make your own out of materials you have at hand, such as eyeglass cases, plastic bags, vacuum bags, or packaging for other products.

Always have the most important things on hand

Keep essentials such as wallet, phone, passport, documents, and tickets close at hand. They should be in a place where you can easily reach them, but secure enough not to fall prey to thieves. You can put them in your hand luggage, handbag (men will probably use the pockets for this) or laptop backpack, if it has extra space. You’ll probably be taking them out and putting them back in several times during your trip, so it’s a good idea to keep it simple.

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