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Casandra Greer
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LED lighting is one of the more popular solutions today. And for good reason, because LED lamps are not only more functional, but also extremely impressive. Explore all the major advantages of LED lighting and learn what lamps are worth choosing for your home or apartment

LED lamps and LED tape is now very often used in interior design solution. But how does LED lighting differs from the traditional or halogen? Meet all the major advantages of LED lighting.

LED lighting advantages

LED lighting certainly significantly stands out among other solutions and has many advantages. What exactly are the benefits of choosing this type of light source?

LED lamps are energy efficient

One of the biggest advantages of LED lighting is energy efficiency. LED lighting uses from 80% to 90% less energy than the classic incandescent or halogen bulbs. This means that thanks to them your energy bills can become much lower than before

LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan

Another feature that distinguishes LED lighting from others is the extremely long life of the bulbs. Classic led lamps last from 15,000 to even 50,000 hours. This means that your led lamp, even if it shines for 8 hours a day, will serve you for about 10 years without having to replace the bulbs. For a more illustrative comparison, the life of the most classic and traditional incandescent bulb is only 1,000 hours.

Choosing LED lighting you protect the environment

Taking into account the above facts, you can certainly say that LED lighting is much more environmentally friendly than other sources of artificial light. Thanks to the fact that LED bulbs do not consume such a large amount of energy and their life is very long, choosing them, you protect the environment

Different colors and temperatures of light

Another great advantage of LED lighting, which makes it not only environmentally friendly and practical but also impressive, is that you can choose LED light in any color and any temperature. So it will suit any of your interiors and your personal preference for the type of light. Moreover, thanks to this, LED lights are able to perfectly imitate daylight

Where can you place LED lights?

As you can see, LED light has many advantages. But where will it work best? In fact, you can put them anywhere. In the bedroom and living room extremely effective and interesting solution will be led tapes placed on the ledge or false ceiling. With this solution, the light coming from the LEDs will beautifully and subtly illuminate the room. This is also a great solution for the bathroom, which will look beautiful under the bathtub or at the mirror.

Main photo: Pierre Châtel-Innocenti/unsplash.com

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