Keep your pet comfortable while resting and sleeping – the right bed is essential

Casandra Greer
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A dog bed is one of the obligatory elements of equipment. It is where our pet rests and regenerates. It therefore has an impact on its well-being and health. Which dog bed should I choose? What should you consider?

A dog bed – suitable for both owner and dog

A dog bed is a very important item for a dog. It is a place to rest and recuperate after training or a long walk. In fact, regardless of breed or size, your pet should have its own dedicated bed. It will spend a lot of time there on a daily basis, so the choice cannot be accidental. The bed should be tailored to the needs of the animal and its size

What does a dog bed provide? It can also minimize the need for your pet to jump on your couch during his desire to recuperate. It also makes sleeping and resting more comfortable – it insulates your dog from the cold floor and helps maintain proper body temperature

How to choose a dog bed?

First of all, pay attention to the dimensions of the bed. For this you will need the exact size of your dog from nose to tail. It is advisable to add approximately 20 centimetres to this measurement so that your pet can relax and sleep in comfort. This way you will know what model will be the best

Also take into account the fact that a muzzle support, e.g. in the form of a soft side of the bed or a pillow, may be useful

A lot depends on your dog. If your dog likes to rest on the floor, you don’t have to opt for a soft and fluffy floor, as a simple high-quality mat will do. Such a solution also gives a lot of opportunities to your pet, he can stretch out freely or take his prey in the form of toys on it. This one is also useful for traveling – it is easy to fold and transport. The mat is also suitable for dogs that do not like classic beds. At the same time, it protects the animal from the cold floor.

For real four-legged lazers, a soft bed with pillows or a mattress will work. Here on the market you will find many shapes – from round models to rectangular ones. The oval ones are designed for dogs that like to curl up in a ball and feel the cosy material. Rectangular ones often have the option of pulling out the inner cushion, and the sides are slightly raised. The exception is the entrance to the bed, which is made easier for your pet

Characteristics of a good pet bed

Would you like your dog bed to be ideally suited to his needs? Then choose a model that is tailored to the size of your dog. It should not be too large or too small. Then your pet will feel comfortable and secure.

The material of the dog bed should be easy to clean and resistant to damage. Let’s not kid ourselves – it’s often a place for your pet to play, so it’s good when you can clean the mattress yourself with homemade methods. Some of the beds, which are simple in their design, have the possibility to take off the cover and wash it in a washing machine. Other models can be washed in the traditional way, but you should read the features of the product before buying it to be sure. Take a look at and see that a practical bed goes hand in hand with an attractive design.

There are special models on the market which are easier to clean, i.e. hair does not stick to them. This makes daily grooming a lot easier

Would you like to take the bed with you onto the terrace or into the garden? Then a waterproof model will come in handy. Of course, the design and aesthetics of the product are also important. It is worth adjusting the model to the look of the interior, e.g. the sofa or the carer’s chair

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