Can roller blinds replace curtains and drapes?

Casandra Greer
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A lot of dilemmas arise when decorating an apartment. Sofa or corner sofa? Induction or gas hob? Bathtub or shower? Blinds or curtains? The answers to these questions depend on the conditions you have and your personal taste and preferences. See in which situations you can replace curtains with window blinds

Save space

When it comes to small apartments, micro-apartments or student rooms, roller blinds, venetian blinds or pleats are definitely a winner. They will save you a lot of valuable space because they just adhere to the window, leaving space in front of it and on and under the window sill for further use. While curtains can be short and only reach just past the end of the window glass, ground curtains take up a lot of space. First – they usually hang from curtain rods or special rails, which protrude at least a dozen centimeters into the room, which is a waste of space in a small space. In addition, they occupy part of the room on the sides of the windows when they are moved away, so that virtually the entire wall with windows is occupied by curtains and drapes, and thus unmanageable. Internal blinds do not take up space, so window sills, the space on the sides of the windows and in front of them, remains usable and can be pawned with needed items.

Modern decor

Curtains and drapes give a room a classic elegance and a romantic feel. While in more glamorous apartments this style will work perfectly, it does not really fit modern interiors, for example, industrial lofts. If you are fond of modernity, more austere décor and minimalism, window blinds are perfect for your apartment. Day/night blinds, bamboo blinds or pleated blinds will work well in practically any interior as they are very versatile and neutral for the decor. They will certainly not be as dominant and conspicuous as curtains, although we must admit that colored or patterned curtains are an interesting accent in the living room, for example. Thanks to their subtlety, roller blinds can be used in all rooms in the house, from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Ideal solution for allergy sufferers

Anyone with a dust allergy knows what a nuisance curtains and drapes are – regular washing or freezing every week to kill dust mites, a runny nose and itchy eyes when you take them down, or even when you close them every day. Fortunately, curtains are just one option for keeping your windows safe from prying outside eyes. Roller blinds and shades are easy to clean – just wipe the dust off them with a damp cloth and you’re done. No more dust floating everywhere, no more forced ventilation of the room after pulling down the curtains and no more allergic rhinitis. Blinds also have a much smaller surface area than curtains, so they don’t collect as much dust, and – even better – you can wipe them down every day, unlike curtains that need washing

Just like other decisions when decorating your home, choosing between blinds and curtains has to be practical and well thought out. Depending on what you like better, what you can afford and the size of the space you are decorating, choose the option that meets the most of your requirements. If you want an elegant and romantic decor, bet on curtains with drapes, but if you prefer industrial style or minimalism, blinds, roller blinds and pleats are the best choice for you

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