Can a console pad be connected to a computer?

Casandra Greer
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Every gamer has his or her own style of play. Many prefer to use a pad instead of a mouse and keyboard. Not everyone knows that you can connect it to your computer and enjoy a completely different dimension of gaming.

How and why?

By connecting your controller to your computer, you will not only be able to play games, but also use many applications available on Windows. Often this is just a more convenient option. There are three basic ways to connect your pad to your PC. The first, wired – via micro USB cable, the second – via wireless adapter and the third, the most popular, which is wireless via bluetooth. Many people especially recommend the first option, because we are sure of an unbreakable connection and we know that the controller will not discharge during the exciting game. Each time, it will be necessary to pair the devices and the proper configuration, which will ensure comfortable use

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