The race between manufacturers of foldable smartphones is gaining momentum. The current trend is to equip them with foldable screens. The first such device, Royole FlexPai, appeared on the market with the end of 2018. Since then, we have more and more of them.

What disadvantages of foldable smartphones are most often highlighted?

Opponents of such devices see in them only a gadget or novelty, which is not always characterized by an interesting design. What also scares people away is sometimes a high price. The first such smartphone cost up to $ 1300. On the Polish market, prices usually range from 6 to 10 thousand zlotys, which makes these devices an exclusive product. It is also important to provide them with adequate strength. For this purpose, it is not enough to have an ordinary glass, which could easily be damaged

What speaks for the fact that foldable smartphones are a breakthrough in the market?

Foldable smartphones undoubtedly have a share in the popular trend that aims to reduce the share of bezels and increase the space for work. Provided the prices can be beaten, such phones can easily transform into a small tablet. This will give more possibilities for video calls or working with a text file.

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