Tips for Playing With Your New English Bulldog Puppy

Casandra Greer
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Having a new English Bulldog puppy is an exciting experience! It’s important to take the time to get to know your puppy, and to provide plenty of love and care. Playing with your new puppy is one of the best ways to form a bond and create positive memories. Here are some tips for how to play with your new English Bulldog puppy.

Safe Toys

Make sure that the toys you give your puppy are safe and appropriate for their size. A toy that is too large can easily be swallowed, while toys that have small parts could choke them if they break apart. Look for chew toys specifically designed for puppies to encourage natural teething. Soft, plush toys are great for a game of tug of war and are good for cuddling. If you choose to buy rawhide, be sure that the size is appropriate for your puppy.

Supervised Games

Although your English Bulldog puppy might look small, it’s important to supervise playtime for any puppy, including English Bulldogs. Some toys can be pulled apart easily, or may be filled with pieces that are choking hazards. Additionally, it is important to pay attention to their size and the strength of their bite. English Bulldogs, although small, have very strong jaws that can easily damage other toys.

Training and Bonding

Playing with your puppy is not only a fun way to keep them entertained and exercised, it can also help you build a relationship and to teach basic commands. Encourage your puppy to engage in play by providing different types of toys and rewarding them when they perform the desired action. For instance, give your puppy a ball or other object to bring back to you. Praise them when they do it and then provide another toy as a reward.

Mental Stimulation

While physical exercise is important for your puppy, mental stimulation is just as important. Puzzles, chew toys, and Kongs can provide mental stimulation and can help keep your pup’s brain active. Hide treats around the house or garden and watch your puppy try to find them! You can also give your puppy bones, and treat dispensing balls or toys that can be filled with food to encourage natural hunting behaviors.

Playing with your new English Bulldog puppy can help you build a strong bond with your pup and create memories to cherish. Make sure to provide safe toys and to supervise your puppy’s playtime. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical activity, so provide different types of toys and games to engage your pup. Follow these tips and have fun playing with your English Bulldog puppy!

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