Injury on a trip? It’s worth taking with you!

Casandra Greer
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The vacation season is in full swing. Although we always try to stay safe, sometimes minor injuries or cuts happen during our trips. Sometimes it so happens that unfortunately we do not have any disinfectants or bandages with us. That is why it is a good idea to think about this beforehand and compile a handy vacation first-aid kit at home. What to take with you?

What to pack in the first aid kit?

First of all at the planning stage we should choose the contents of the first aid kit to the place where we are going. It is known, that if we are going to the seaside, it is worth to take sunbathing creams and something for sunburns. Going to the mountains, it is worth packing ointment for bruises and more patches for corns and abrasions. However, regardless of where we go, we must be prepared for minor injuries and cuts. First of all, we must have something to clean the wound, such as hydrogen peroxide or disinfectant, the most practical are those sprays, which you can buy at any pharmacy. In addition, you will need plasters or bandages. The best are those with a bandage and waterproof. Pack several pieces of different sizes. It is also worth to have sterile compresses, which will be useful during first aid

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