Is it worth going to the mountains in the summer?

Casandra Greer
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The Polish mountains are one of the most beautiful places to spend a vacation. Don’t hesitate, pack your backpack and set off on an adventure trail in the Tatra Mountains. Why is it worth going to the mountains in the summer?

In the age of social media, we are non-stop “flooded” with information and photographs depicting the beauty of the mountains. Breathtaking views, stories about the silence among mountain peaks and fresh air – aren’t these arguments enough to encourage us to go on holiday to the mountains? Definitely yes! However, there is a small “but” ….. What?

Why is it worth going to the mountains? And is summer really the right time for such a trip?

The mountains are beautiful and different at any time of the year, no doubt about it. In winter, we will not necessarily go further to climb for example one of the Tatra peaks, all because of the weather and avalanche danger. In winter, experienced mountaineers do better in the mountains, not amateurs who are just beginning their mountain adventure. Therefore, a definitely better time for them to go to the mountains would be spring, when the weather and the weather conditions related to it are favourable for day-long treks

In spring, the mountain nature awakens to life, the glades look beautiful, it is also a period when there are not many tourists, because the school year is officially over. Therefore, the well-known tourist trails, such as those leading to the Morskie Oko Lake, to the Czarny Staw Pond under Rysy Mountain (considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the Tatra Mountains) or to Rusinowa Polana are not as crowded as in summer, which means that we can contemplate the beauty of mountain nature in greater peace and quiet

This beauty delights also in autumn, when the leaves on the treetops are gilding, but this can be an unpredictable time of year – one day the sun may be shining strongly, and the next we will be forced to take raincoats with us – we must be prepared for many eventualities, the weather will not ask for our opinion, we must adapt to it

The most important is the appropriate footwear, such with a high upper, which will protect our foot from any abrasions. It is also important to have a lightweight insole, which will allow the foot to breathe. But let’s move to the key season for us in this article, which is summer. Is it a good time to go to the mountains?

Summer in the mountains. What to take with you?

Most tourists (especially families with children) decide to go to the mountains in the summer, because it is the only time of the year when they have more free time. When the weather is good, we enjoy it more, because our backpacks are a bit lighter, we don’t have to take sweatshirts for a change (but it is worth taking them, because it is always cooler on the peaks), there is easier access to the trails, but the minus is that they are more crowded

During the season, which in the Polish mountains falls on June and July, is always recorded the largest number of tourists. In summer the heat can be unbearable, so we should always have with us water, but also creams with a high filter, if we want to avoid sunburn. Good sunglasses is also a must and headgear – you can cover it with a scarf, a baseball cap or a hat, which will also protect the neck, heavily exposed to sunburn

Clothing, which we wear in the mountains in summer, is also important, preferably they should be breathable materials with UV filters . As for the shoes, their choice depends on the difficulty of the trails we are going to hike. Sandals are suitable only for the trails with a low degree of difficulty, the typical tourist ones. The most important thing is to pay attention to the upper when choosing shoes.

Mountains in summer mean fantastic views of peaks bathed in sunlight. In shepherd’s huts the production of oscypek is in full swing. In summer, you will get to know your abilities better, because the conditions are more favorable. Of course, not everyone will share this enthusiasm, because a large number of people prefer to go to the mountains when there are no crowds, and this is understandable – after all, they want to quiet down there. However, it is worth getting to know the majesty of the mountains at any time of the year and choose the one that suits us best

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