How to match the type and size of lamp to the interior?

Casandra Greer
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Well-chosen lighting is primarily a comfort and convenience, but also the decoration of the interior. Each room requires careful planning of the location of light sources and their appearance. This will make the lamps decorate the interior while being as functional as possible.

Living room lamps

The living room is usually the resting zone, so the choice of appropriate lighting is very important here. The chosen lamps should be selected for each situation. In the living room, large hanging lamps, for example plafonds with crystals, work well as the basic source of light. It is best if they are located in the middle of the ceiling. Additionally, floor lamps will illuminate the interior. It is worth to place them in the darkest areas.

Floor lamps emit light mainly towards the ceiling, and this can be useful, for example, when watching television. Such constructions often have a possibility of regulating the point source of light, and it is a perfect solution when we want to illuminate a particular place.

Wall sconces also work well in a living room. You can choose models with light directed upwards or downwards. Such with decorative lampshades may be the basic lighting, but then it is worth betting on a larger number of wall lamps. In a living room, solutions, which will illuminate specific places, for example paintings, bookshelves or a mirror, will also prove interesting.

Kitchen lighting

The kitchen is a place for work, so it is important here the most functional lighting. It is best if the lamps are located where meals are usually prepared. Spot lights work well in this place. You can install them in the ceiling or under the hanging cabinets. Halogen fixtures with single eyes or linear strips work best. They are available in various lengths, so they can be adjusted to the size of the kitchen.

It’s also worth fitting a stove and sink with a spot light. We spend a lot of time at these appliances, so the lighting should be good. You can install a hanging lamp or a single spot light over the sink.

Most often the main lighting in a kitchen is located in the middle of the ceiling. However, you can opt for a more interesting solution and hang several smaller lamps over the table top or the bar. When choosing kitchen lighting, you can easily divide it into a working area and a dining area.

Bathroom lighting

The arrangement of light sources in a bathroom should be adjusted to its size and whether it has access to natural light. Due to the fact that we spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, during the morning toilet, it is worth taking care of proper lighting of this zone.

The main light, usually ceiling light, is often a plafond mounted in the middle of the ceiling. You can also decide on halogen bulbs symmetrically distributed in several points of the ceiling.

In bathrooms with a simple finish, it is better to use decorative lamps, while in more ornate bathrooms it is worth betting on classic lamp models.

Bedroom lamps

It is common to combine wall sconces with bedside and floor lamps in the bedroom. This solution more and more often replaces traditional ceiling lights. It is worth taking care of good lighting of the bedroom area, because this is where we read most often. You can opt for table lamps or wall sconces next to the bed frame.

If you want to adjust the intensity of the light in your bedroom, it is a good idea. This will allow you to adjust the lighting to your needs at any time of the day.

Regardless of which interior you arrange, the type of lamps should be adjusted to the style of the room. This will allow you to take care of the effective appearance of each interior, while maintaining the functionality that lighting gives.

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