What affects the taste of coffee?

Casandra Greer
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Many of us often consume a cup of coffee every day. However, few people think about what affects its taste. We will try to answer this question by suggesting specific types of coffee

The type of coffee

Above all, the taste is influenced by the type of coffee you choose. It’s a good idea to buy the best quality beans so you can enjoy a delicious, hot beverage. Arabica is a variety known for its mild, slightly acidic flavour. It also has a lower caffeine content for a mildly stimulating effect. It is subject to strict growing conditions. Robusta, on the other hand, is a stronger coffee that contains a hint of bitterness. Robusta is often used in addition to Arabica. Combined together they make an interesting and original composition

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Degree of grind

The degree of grind of the beans is very important. The finer they are ground, the less time they take to brew. Then the taste will also be stronger. If the process is too coarse, the finer the grind, the coffee will be more bitter and astringent. If it is ground too coarsely, on the other hand, it will be weak and watery. A good balance is needed here to create the perfect composition. Some people also favor loose coffee, it has the weakest quality but is very quick to prepare and relatively cheap. Coffee that is freshly ground definitely gains in quality and is therefore more popular. It is characterized by a deep aroma and has strong stimulating properties. Many people say that this is when it tastes best and has a more intense effect

Brewing methods

There are different ways of brewing and preparing coffee that also have a great impact on its taste. You can use special equipment to make the whole process easier. These include, for example, the espresso machine, coffee maker, aeropress or chemex. French press and siphon are also used. For home use, the mug or cup brewing method is usually used. This is how you can make single origin coffees, for example. These are grown within a single area, plantation or country. Often these beans are of very good quality. The taste of such coffees is specific to a particular location. They taste best without sugar or other additives

Water temperature

The right water temperature has a significant influence on the brewing process. The quality of the water is also important. Brewing coffee in water that is too cold or too hot often affects the taste and aroma. Many people say that this is also when the brew loses some of its properties. Overheating of the water should be avoided as it makes the coffee too strong and bitter.
It is also a serious mistake to brew at too low a temperature. In this case, the decoction will not be aromatic enough, due to a slower extraction process. Espresso coffee made in cooler water will have a noticeable acidity. Some experts recommend making this beverage at a temperature at the optimum level of about 90 °C. If you want your coffee to be as tasty as possible, then drink it within a short time of brewing.

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