How to learn to sew and alter clothes?

Casandra Greer
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More and more people decide to sew and alter clothes on their own. This allows you to gain original things and is often associated with saving money. However, to do this, you need the right tools and skills.

The right sewing machine

Manufacturers offer different types of sewing machines. The most classic is mechanical, which is similar in appearance to the original. It is often chosen by older people who prefer to use proven devices. For beginners, however, this will be an equally good option. You can also opt for an electronic sewing machine. Most of these models, for example, have electronic displays to help you select stitches. The most advanced are computerized sewing machines that have a built-in memory. It allows you to save specific sequences of stitches or patterns.

The janome juno e1019 sewing machine will be ideal for people who are just beginning their adventure with sewing. On the other hand, janome 744d is a good machine for people who have already tried sewing, but also for those who are beginners. Here we have the ability to adjust individual parameters, for example, stitch length. The janome juno e1015 machine is perfect for people who have not dealt with sewing before because it is very easy to use.

At the beginning it is not worth investing very much money in a machine, because we are not sure if it will work and if we will definitely want to use it. The first machine should have a smooth adjustment of stitch width and density. It can also be useful to have a function of changing the position of the needle. In addition, a cutter, a needle threader or the ability to position the needle might be useful;

When purchasing, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the manufacturer. Using trusted brands, such as the aforementioned Janome, we can be sure that the product will be properly adapted and good.

Sewing basics

The ideal model of sewing machine is only half of the success. Then it’s time for theory and practice. You can start learning the basics of sewing by attending an appropriate course, where you will gain the right knowledge. Also useful can be tutorials, thematic articles or tutorial videos.

Learning at home is long, but certainly very rewarding. Learning to sew is mostly a matter of work and practice, so if someone thinks they have no talent, they should not be discouraged. The more we sew, the more experience we gain. It’s worth starting with simple products, with small alterations.

At the beginning, it is worth focusing on learning, i.e. reading articles, watching videos, etc., to know exactly how to start. After that, it’s a good idea to find the right patterns and start with the simplest garments, such as hats or bandanas. It is also necessary to get the right sewing materials, so it is better to read information that describes the difference between fabric and knitwear. You will also need accessories: needles, thread, and other support products.

For the next stages of learning, it is important to use blanks. This will make it easier to plan and sew the garments. With proper preparation, over time you can sew whatever you want.

Initial use of the machine

Learning to use a sewing machine may seem difficult, but it is not necessarily so. Here, too, may prove useful any tutorials and tutorials, but also the operating manual of the model. Before you start sewing, it’s a good idea to learn about the types of stitches, and start practicing on a piece of fabric.

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