What type of homemaker are you?

Casandra Greer
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The current times make us stay at home more and more often. For some, it is a privilege, while for others it is an unpleasant necessity. Read our guide and find out what type of homemaker you are!

Personality traits and staying at home

Each of us has a different personality. Depending on our disposition, we perceive and feel at home differently. The time spent within the four walls with your housemates does not have to be a torture, but a pleasant experience. It is worth checking out what makes us different and what separates us. Below we present 4 types of household members.

Optimistic at Home

A household member who is smiling by nature. Always optimistic about the future. Longer stays at home are a challenge for him/her but thanks to his/her creativity, he/she is able to organize time for himself/herself and others. Most importantly, he does not like to be alone. He prefers contact with people. Being alone at home, he needs to have access to social media. Maintaining social contact, video chatting with friends is essential. Unfortunately, such homemakers very often forget about everything. Laundry put in but not hung up for days? The norm. Laptop on all night? A natural thing. Piles of dishes in the sink? They’ll probably wash themselves. When living with this type of household member, it’s not a good idea to set yourself up for perfect task performance

Nervous choleric

A householder of this disposition has a lot of energy inside him. However, when he is at home, he has no way of discharging it. While staying within the four walls, not once and not twice he explodes with anger. In life he would like to change everything. He also wants to have everything under control. Long stay at home is a great challenge for him. He likes life in the fast lane, he is a person working at full speed from morning till evening. He likes taking risks and challenges, and lack of adrenaline is destructive to him. If he reads magazines, it’s about politics, and if he watches movies, it’s only thrillers and horror movies. He is convinced of his rights, and when at home, he likes to express them loudly and bluntly, not only in conversations with loved ones but also in everyday conversations with friends

Phlegmatic Homemaker

This is the kind of person who never gets bored at home. If there is an opportunity, he can joke and have fun. Kind and considerate, he likes to keep in touch with his friends. He doesn’t mind long evenings with a book. He enjoys reading fiction and historical novels. What’s more, he doesn’t like change. During his free time at home, he does not think about renovating the whole apartment. He just enjoys the moment. The phlegmatic homemaker is very orderly and has a precise daily schedule. He always gets up at the same time and starts his day with a cup of hot tea rather than coffee. He likes his apartment to be clean, washes dishes thoroughly, cooks gourmet meals, and is never in a hurry

Melancholic type

This type of person is characterised by analytical thinking. He does things slowly but carefully. He doesn’t keep in touch with loved ones – there’s no space for that in his life. He is an introvert who recharges his batteries within four walls – in peace and quiet. A longer stay at home is not a difficulty for him, but a privilege. He doesn’t need to be stimulated by external stimuli all the time. He follows rules, likes to think about life a lot, and his biggest disadvantage is mortification. It is very difficult for him to find in himself the motivation to act. As a result, he finds it difficult to make decisions and spends most of the day thinking along the lines of: “Should I watch a movie or read a book?”. He’s also a pedant, so no crumbs are allowed on the living room rug. He often cleans, but most of his time is spent thinking about blue almonds.

These are the four types of homemakers. Did you find characteristics that match you and your loved ones here?

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