What to buy a person who likes art?

Casandra Greer
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Christmas and St. Nicholas Day are fast approaching, and with them comes the time for gift-giving. So what to buy a person who likes art? See our suggestions of gifts for artists.

Giving gifts to your loved ones is very nice, but finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. So we come to help! Find out what gifts will surely appeal to every artist.

Gifts for painters

Aprofessional art set with various painting accessories is surely the best idea for a gift for a painter. You can buy a ready-made set or try to complete it yourself. What should be included in such a gift? Definitely watercolor or oil paints… you can never have too many paints in your studio. Also look for brushes of different sizes and bristle hardness. You can also opt to buy a canvas or even an easel if the person you want to gift doesn’t already have one.

Gifts for drawing artists

A gift for an artist involved in drawing will certainly look a little different. In this case the best solution will be sketchbooks, on which the gifted person will be able to pour his creative ideas. It is also worth adding to the gift something, with which these ideas will be transferred. In this role, professional pencils of different hardness, charcoal or graphite will be perfect. If you know that your artist also draws in color, pastels and good quality wooden crayons will also be a great gift. And if you want to enrich the gift even more, every artist will surely be pleased with a beautiful case for art supplies.

Gifts for architects

Many artists are also involved, either as a hobby or professionally, in drawing buildings and drafting. If this is the kind of person you want to give a gift to, a great gift idea will certainly be thin pens and various types of pencils, both wooden and automatic. Keep in mind, however, that drawing art tends to use harder pencils. Pay attention to this, because equipment that is suitable for a draftsman will not necessarily work for architects and draftsmen. You will also find it useful to use various sizes of technical pads and tracing paper, which are excellent materials for drafting and copying, and because of their slippery surface, you can also use them as a divider to store your work. It is also worth adding to the gift a good quality compass and a reinforced ruler – inseparable tools of every architect.

Gifts for fans of hand lettering and calligraphy

Calligraphy is also a recurring art – more and more artistically talented people explore its secrets and learn it. For calligraphy practitioners, a great gift would be various types of calligraphy sets consisting of high-quality paper, writing pens, a variety of nibs, and ink. If you want the gift to be extra glamorous, you can opt to purchase a traditional goose calligraphy pen

Hand lettering, or composing and painting letters, has also become a trendy art recently, somewhat similar to calligraphy and lettering. For people engaged in this field, professional markers in many colors will be a perfect gift.

Main photo: Mikhail Nilov/pexels.com

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