The Complete Guide to Animal Essences: What is an Animal Essence?

Casandra Greer
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Do you have an animal companion? If so, it’s important to remember that they are living beings and as such, they deserve your love and care just as much as the humans in your life do. A good way to take care of your pet is by giving them animal essences. There are flower essences for animals and crystal essences for animals, which can help with everything from anxiety and behavioral issues to healing them emotionally. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about animal essences and how they can benefit your beloved pet.

What exactly are animal essences?

An animal essence is much like a human crystal essence or flower essence – it is made from a combination of crystalline-based minerals which have been specially formulated to be absorbed through olfactory sensation by an animal. Essences for animals are meant to help stabilize energy imbalances within our pets, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional imbalances that may have occurred due to any number of environmental factors, potentially even passed down genetically from previous generations. They also aid in releasing negative emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, etc., and replacing those with more positive feelings such as love and gratitude. 

As the crystal continues to purify the individual on all levels, healing takes place on all levels as well – body, mind, and spirit. Crystal essences have many benefits for our pets including best healing treatments for animals and animal essence treatment because it helps strengthen their immune system while calming anxiety or agitation so they can relax more easily; assists with pain relief; calms hyperactivity; aids with digestion issues; decreases phobias; aids insomnia and assists with overactive bladder issues.

Why your pet needs them?

Like humans, animals can experience mental or emotional challenges that may arise due to several factors like their environment, interactions with others, their instincts, or simple stress. These challenges may be temporary and easily resolved but sometimes challenges persist; sometimes it is just not that easy. Using animal essence allows us to acknowledge these issues by supporting an individual’s own innate ability to heal itself naturally by working with Nature’s inherent intelligence of plants and making them accessible through very diluted homeopathic solutions. In the case of pets, this approach also recognizes that animals often need assistance from someone outside themselves to release negative energy – something they cannot do on their own because they don’t possess the same level of conscious awareness as humans. 

The best healing treatments for animals involve using crystal essences which are considered excellent tools for balancing emotions, clearing bad habits and anchoring desired states into our consciousness. An animal’s body will respond energetically to any positive changes you make in yourself such as those from meditation or therapeutic work. If you incorporate any type of holistic healing modality into your life, your animal will feel more secure and at peace knowing its human companion is taking care of itself too!

After you’ve used one, how do you know if it was effective?

Crystal essence therapy is often a bit hit-or-miss, but with practice, you’ll learn to use it more effectively. When you first use an animal essence, pay attention to how your animal responds. Some might seem completely unaffected; others might become more lively or act differently in any number of ways. Paying attention like that will also help you identify which essences for animals work best for certain situations or specific needs. If a particular essence doesn’t seem to be helping or if you don’t notice anything at all after using it, stop using it. 

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