How to decorate the loft in a cozy way?

Casandra Greer
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Loft style has been reigning in furniture catalogs and in the world of interior decorating for several years now. It is associated with austerity and coldness, which are not usually desirable features in the home, but contrary to what it may seem, industrial room can be extremely cozy. We suggest what accessories to choose for the loft, so that it beams with inviting warmth, and not factory cold.

Textiles are the basis

If you want your loft apartment to be cozy, invest in as many textiles as possible. Carpets, blankets, cushions and throws will make the harshness of the industrial interior broken and replaced by a pleasant, cozy atmosphere. Appropriately selected patterns and colors on the fabrics in the loft room will not kill the factory decor, but only slightly warm and soften it. Textile articles can also decorate the furniture in the room. If you want, on the top of a forte dresser, you can put a plaid napkin or placemat, which will not only protect the surface from damage, but also decorate the space. On the background of raw, brick wall macramé and embroidered lineart will look fantastic

Wood in the loft

Another simple way to make the industrial interior gain a homely warmth, is to introduce wood to it. Fortunately for you, loft atmosphere loves wood, especially raw oak. Although furniture made of real, solid wood is expensive and difficult to maintain, its look and the mood it creates in the room are well worth the effort. A room that features wood automatically becomes more cozy and inviting. Whether it’s the living room, bedroom or kitchen, every corner of your home will benefit if you opt for wooden furniture. Especially in the bedroom, oak dressers will work fantastically. Oak is the type of wood that the industrial style likes the most. Its cool shade, beautiful grain and durability makes oak the most beautiful and functional furniture

Doors and windows for loft house

When it comes to doors and windows, things are not as simple as they seem. The standard in most apartments and houses are windows with white plastic frames, which do not fit into a dark, atmospheric interior in the industrial style. Loft requires dark, preferably black window frames, which will not stand out against the background of dark paint or brick. Interior doors for a loft house should be consistent in color with the type of wood that dominates the decor. If it is oak, in a similar, but not necessarily identical color. In turn, for dark furniture, choose interior doors with a frame, similar in shade to the rest of the wood in the room

Accessories for an industrial interior

To make the interior cozy, you need accessories. Metal, preferably in the shade of copper and gold, ornaments will be perfect for the loft. From bowls and baskets to photo frames and sculptures, metal is a basic material for industrial style. Live plants also create a fantastic, warm and homey atmosphere. Succulents will look best in a factory room, plus they are relatively easy to grow as long as you give them enough light. A lot of low-light areas are ideal for zamiokulkas, sansevieria, ivy or spring ficus. All these plants in appropriate, decorative covers, will warm up the interior design

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