How to aesthetically store electronic equipment?

Casandra Greer
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Today it is difficult to imagine life without many electronic gadgets, such as phones, tablets, cameras or game consoles. For each of them we often have separate chargers, cables, headphones. How to store them in an aesthetically pleasing way so that they do not get tangled up around the house? We suggest.

The purchase of electronic equipment is associated with significant costs, so we expect that the selected devices will serve us as long as possible. For this to happen, we have to take care of them ourselves – first of all, to use, protect and store them properly. What should we pay attention to?

How to protect electronic equipment?

Electronic devices are characterized by a number of advantages, but we cannot deny them one particular disadvantage – it only takes a moment of inattention for them to be destroyed. The key to long-lasting enjoyment of your favorite phones, tablets, laptops and cameras is to protect and store them and use them properly.

In the case of phones and laptops, it is worth getting a protective film. It is applied to the screen and protects it from scratches and minor damages. Tempered glass is more effective. Let’s equip our phones with it, which often fall out of hands and land on sidewalks.

Not only screens can be damaged but also casings, so let’s remember about cases or silicone covers in which we put our smartphones. Laptops, tablets or cameras should be stored and carried only in suitable bags and backpacks. They were created with specific devices in mind, so they are stable, made of good quality materials and protect against mechanical damage in case of a fall.

If you do not want to flood the equipment with drinks or cover it with crumbs, it is better to avoid eating and drinking near it. Do not allow the equipment to overheat and remember about the negative impact of moisture. Never heat the equipment near radiators and do not use it in bathrooms, where there is often hot steam. The best protection against the harmful effects of atmospheric factors are the aforementioned covers. It is also the best way to aesthetically store your equipment both at home and while travelling.

How to store chargers, cables, headphones, etc.?

Storing phones or laptops is not as much trouble as storing cables, chargers and headphones, without which no electronic device could be charged. These types of elements have this in common that they like to scatter around the apartment when we don’t need them, and hide when we are urgently looking for them. How to store them in order to keep an aesthetic order? 

A good idea is to separate a separate cabinet, drawer or a box for such trinkets. The downside of such a solution is that cables and chargers hidden in one place will quickly become tangled. A much better way is to get a cardboard or fabric organizer with compartments. In each compartment you can separately place all small items, and the organizer itself can be hidden in the closet.

Such an organizer should also be designed by yourself. We will need only a box (may be from shoes), decorative paper, glue, tape and a piece of cardboard or harder cardboard. Cover the box with decorative paper and cut out compartments with notches from cardboard or cardboard, then fold them together. Creating an organizer, we set the size of the compartments ourselves.

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