3 gifts for the true gadgeteer

Casandra Greer
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Looking for a gift for a gadgeteer? Don’t know what modern technologies will appeal to him? In this article we present you with three interesting suggestions that will work for everyone

Waterproof speaker

Wireless and waterproof speaker is an interesting proposition for a gadgeteer. Thanks to this, you can take it both to the bathroom and to the sea. All the gift recipient has to do is connect it to his smartphone and then enjoy the music.

Modern and heated lunchbox

This is an interesting gadget, which will be useful for every person, who often travels or works in an office. The heated lunchbox has a heating element that allows you to enjoy your lunch. It will also be perfect for studies.

VR glasses

Although it is quite a big investment, surely such a gadget will appeal to your loved one. These types of goggles provide an exciting virtual reality experience, and the better the model, the more realistic it is. Choose such goggles that are comfortable to wear, provide surround sound and offer high resolution.

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