How do you improve your confidence?

Casandra Greer
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Lack of self-confidence negatively impacts the development of personal potential. Insecurity makes us unwilling to move forward and we stay in our comfort zone. We are afraid to take on new challenges, both professionally and privately. It is extremely important to work on this part of your life. How can you do that?

  1. Overcome your fear

Any new situation in which you feel uncomfortable increases your stress, as well as your fear of the unknown. It is necessary to overcome these feelings within oneself. They are completely useless and originate from the old times when people had to hunt and get food in some way. In 99 percent of cases, fear has become an irrational feeling. It warns us of fairly safe events, like going to a job interview or talking to someone we like. What goes on in our heads is not right and usually does not happen

If you want to make your big dreams come true, you have to be brave and forget about the fear. Successful people are fulfilled because they have often gone beyond their comfort zone, guided by their desires and not by the emotions that are only in their heads

  1. Accept yourself

People who are insecure about themselves simply do not accept their person. They don’t like it and can’t see the positive qualities in it, and this is a big mistake. After all, the person who will spend their entire life with us is ourselves. The process of change in thinking can begin with a trivial exercise. It’s worth writing down your advantages and disadvantages on a piece of paper. Positive qualities are much harder to find, but let them be mundane things like I can sing nicely, I have a loving family, I love reading books

Next, don’t lean on your flaws, just accept them. Just like that. Be aware that every person on Earth has flaws, only they do not obscure their real purpose. Writing out your advantages, on the other hand, will make you feel comfortable with yourself. You will see that the positive qualities usually dominate over the negative ones

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Women also often struggle with the problem of lack of acceptance of their bodies. In this direction it is also worth doing something. First of all it is necessary to believe that criticism will not help us in anything, but only lower our self-esteem. We in turn will waste only several minutes of our lives complaining. At first, it is worth realizing that we are unique. With this mindset, our flaws can become our strengths. Secondly, it is worth investing in accessories that improve our mood and our perception of ourselves. It could be a pair of tailored pants, a beautiful handbag or a pair of dream earrings

  1. Remove negative thoughts

This is probably one of the most difficult beliefs that is prevalent among insecure people. They often think about what others will say, even though they don’t actually say anything. This pattern of thinking is terribly limiting. The moment we want to make any decision, questions pop into our heads: “what will people think?”, “what will my friends say about this?”, “people will probably think I’m weird(er)”

If we are only worried about the opinion of our relatives, the conversation should clear up all our doubts. However, if we are worried about what our neighbor or a friend with whom we are not in touch will think, it is not the best situation. Such beliefs should be removed from our minds because they do no good

People don’t usually think about us, and if they do, why do we assume that they are immediately negative? This is how fear controls our beliefs, causing us to stagnate. How to increase self-confidence? We need to decide whether we want to make our own decisions about our lives or whether we would prefer others to do so. What’s more, such thoughts are a source of unimaginable stress. When you go against the odds and pursue your dreams, you gain great respect from people. Keep this in mind when negative beliefs strike again

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