The growing second home trend is starting to have more and more followers. What is it all about?

Investing in a second property to use as a vacation home or additional capital is becoming a more common practice. Second homes often become places of recreation not only during vacations – many people like to go to their second homes on weekends and holidays to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and recharge their batteries. Such investments are usually located close to nature – by the sea, in the mountains or by a lake

Second home as a capital investment

Second home is not only a luxurious holiday home – such an investment is often treated as a capital investment, from which profits can be drawn. An apartment located in an attractive area can be rented out during the owner’s absence, thus generating additional income.

Second home market in Poland

The luxury real estate market has been developing dynamically for several years. One of the motives for purchasing luxury properties is more and more often the desire to own a second home. These are most often apartments located in the vicinity of water reservoirs, mountain peaks and other places with scenic and natural values


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